Monday, Monday…

Monday, Monday. 
Can’t trust that day…

But no, seriously. This morning started out with coffee, makeup, and a little on-camera chat with Abby Ham. It quickly turned into the dog having a little party in our absence, and me writing this email to my coworkers: “Dexter made some bad decisions this morning. I’ll be in ASAP.”

Dexter | Hannah & Husband

Dog ownership is not for the faint of heart, people. You’d never know as he sits there so stoically that he had been a little tasmanian devil just moments before. I’m bringing realism today, folks!

Now onto the fun stuff…

I instagrammed this pic last night so I thought I’d better share a link to Alton Brown’s hot cocoa mix. It is delicious, and we always have some on hand.


This weekend, Husband did a ton of work outside including building us a little wood shed! Isn’t it cute? He is going to add shingles to the roof, and we’ll paint it white to match the house come Spring.

Husband built a wood shed | Hannah & Husband

I’ll show you a pic of my own weekend project later. It’s getting there.

Finally: This morning we talked Christie Brinkley, Aziz Ansari, and Luke Skywalker on Mornings with Fox 43. Watch the segment below!


It’s Friday! Well, truth be told, I’m writing this on Thursday night from below the dryer waiting to be blonde again. I have that song “Friday” stuck in my head, and it’s keeping me company with the incessant whirring. Not the Rebecca Black version (Yes, I had to google her name), but the spectacle version of Black’s song Colbert did on Fallon. Do you remember that?


Now that we’ve all had a little dance party, here’s this week’s installment of my TGIF! link list. Enjoy!

SNL killed it last weekend, but this song topped the list. Also, does anyone feel like their Facebook feed has just turned into one long “Drunk Uncle” sketch? Yeah, me too.

With the rest of America, we’ve been watching Master of None on Netflix. The writing is fantastic, but the episode that stuck in my head the most was episode 2: Parents. Did you know those are Aziz Ansari’s parents in real life? I’m assuming yes because earlier this week Aziz made the internet cry with this post about his dad. Here it is in case you missed it.

My dad took off most of his vacation time for the year to act in Master of None. So I’m really relieved this all worked out. Tonight after we did Colbert together he said: “This is all fun and I liked acting in the show, but I really just did it so I could spend more time with you.” I almost instantly collapsed into tears at the thought of how much this person cares about me and took care of me and gave me everything to give me the amazing life I have. I felt like a total piece of garbage for all the times I haven’t visited my parents and told them I wanted to stay in New York cause I’d get bored in SC. I’m an incredibly lucky person and many of you are as well. Not to beat a dead horse here and sorry if this is cheesy or too sentimental but if your parents are good to you too, just go do something nice for them. I bet they care and love you more than you realize. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the Parents episode of our show. What’s strange is doing that episode and working with my parents has increased the quality of my relationship to my parents IN MY REAL LIFE. In reality, I haven’t always had the best, most open relationship with my parents because we are weirdly closed off emotionally sometimes. But we are getting better. And if you have something like that with your family – I urge you to work at it and get better because these are special people in your life and I get terrified when my dad tells me about friends of his, people close to his age, that are having serious health issues, etc. Enjoy and love these people while you can. Anyway, this show and my experiences with my parents while working on it have been very important in many ways and I thank for you the part you all have played in it.

A photo posted by @azizansari on

While you reach for the tissues, how about a little game of Wheel of Freestyle with Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda?

This week marked the end of Mark Bittman’s run as on Op-Ed columnist for the New York Times. He’s moving on to the vegan meal kit company Purple Carrot (…totally a real thing). Click here to check out his most popular recipes for the site and here to read his most popular columns. Personally, these carnitas braised in witbier will always be a go-to at our house.

Hannah & Husband green screen selfie

And finally, I found this green screen selfie in my phone this week, which reminds me: We’re going to be on Mornings with Fox 43 on Monday morning. So if you’re in the Knoxville, tune in!

That’s a wrap. Happy Friday, y’all!

Thanksgiving is Coming!

This time of year—just a few weeks before Thanksgiving & the full-fledged holiday season—brings out the side of me that almost became a preschool teacher. Which is probably why I went to Target the other day and bought a $5 pack of construction paper just so I could fill my sketchbook with things like this…

Gobble… Gobble… Gobble

In addition to paper turkeys, I’ve also been working on some Thanksgiving content that I can’t wait to share beginning next week! 

Today, however, if your job is a little extra hectic like mine is these days or you are starting to stress about the influx of holidays guests: watch this video. 

“I don’t care if we have to throw everything out. I want this place looking like a new Mediterranean fusion restaurant by noon.”

Click here to watch more on Chris Fleming’s YouTube channel.

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Rivermont Lately

Rivermont Lately | Hannah & Husband

This is one of those “life lately” posts that doesn’t really have any particular point. There are a few happy things I’ve wanted to share that don’t fit in any particular box so I’m dumping them here. For instance, I snapped this pic of Rivermont on Friday night from the mailbox. I just couldn’t get over the colors. The leaves are almost completely gone, but while they’re here, I’m taking as many pics as I can!

Rivermont Lately | Hannah & Husband

Dexter love *love* loves the fireplace. He will lay there for hours alternately staring at the flames and warming his back. I have said since we got married that our next house would have a fireplace, and nightly fires are every bit as fulfilling as I hoped they would be.

Rivermont Lately | Hannah & Husband

On that same topic, I bought a decorative jar the other day just to replace the plastic bag so I could store my marshmallows by the fireplace like a lady. How’s that for adulting?

tie display, Rivermont Lately | Hannah & Husband

Finally, a little peek at the bedroom paint job. Truth be told, I am still searching for the perfect bedding, curtains, etc. But, in the meantime, we really dig the color. Also, men take note: Ties look like art if you display them right!

That’s all from Rivermont for now, but more soon! In the meantime, thank you so much for your sweet, encouraging comments on social. I love how the internet connects people. And I’m happy to have my own little corner of the interspace to call my own.

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DIY Image Transfer

DIY Image Transfer How-To | Hannah & Husband

As I was doodling mandalas for, I got an idea for a funky gift tag. In college, I played a bit with image transfers (like every other design student in history), and I’d been itching to try them again. So today, I thought I’d show you how I DIYed these gift tags using an image transfer. It adds such a personal touch and bonus: it’s super easy and quick–2 minutes + walk away for an hour + and 5 more minutes.

DIY Image Transfer How-To | Hannah & Husband

You’ll Need:

Mod Podge (Don’t worry about the sheen!)
foam brush
wooden gift tag
spray bottle full of water
an image to transfer*

*Note about the image: You can easily transfer a variety of images, but the easiest is a print made with a laser printer. If you want to make some bohemian printed gift tags like mine, click here to download the mandala I used from

DIY Image Transfer How-To | Hannah & Husband

The first thing you’ll do is trace your tag with a pencil on the mandala. (I’d suggest doing several at once.)

DIY Image Transfer How-To | Hannah & Husband

Cut out your traced shape And put a good layer of Mod Podge on the image.

DIY Image Transfer How-To | Hannah & Husband

Lay the image on top of your tag and walk away.

Let it dry for one hour.

DIY Image Transfer How-To | Hannah & Husband

After an hour, use a spray bottle to dampen the paper. As it dampens, it will start to become translucent.

DIY Image Transfer How-To | Hannah & Husband

Gently start rubbing away the paper.

DIY Image Transfer How-To | Hannah & Husband

Alternate between gently rubbing away the paper and dampening until all remnants of paper are gone.

DIY Image Transfer How-To | Hannah & Husband

And that’s it! You can put a little message on the back of your label and then affix it to your gift.






I know, I know. Could that photo be anymore 2009? I just get ridiculously sappy this time of year about going out to breakfast in the morning and trudging through the leaves in my bean boots. These are the moments I will savor when it is 38° and raining (but not snowing) in the middle of January. Tennessee really knows how to do Fall–winter not so much. Anyway, that’s what’s happening in our neck of the woods, here’s what I’m digging on the rest of the interwebs…

When I first started following @thedogist on Instagram, I got ridiculously excited and told all my friends. Having a bad day at work? Check out @thedogist. The line for coffee is ridiculously long? Check out @thedogist. I couldn’t get enough of his pup portraits. Well, Elias Weiss Friedman was recently profiled on CBS Sunday Morning, and it turns out he’s published a book.

[image source: The Dogist]

[image source: The Dogist]

Click here to order The Dogist on Amazon! (I’ve already bought a couple extra copies for Christmas gifts.)


In that same vein, photographer Caroline Fontenot and writer Jess Graves have collaborated on a site: Southerners & Their Dogs. It’s been around for a bit, but I just ran across it because of this fab image. Definitely worth a bookmark!


Hope you don’t have plans for the next few hours because if interior design is your thing, allow me to point you to Pandora’s box: Lonny’s seriously in-depth map of Hollywood’s designers and their squads.


Lena Dunham released the first full episode of her new podcast, Women of the Hour, this week, and it totally exceeded my expectations. The first episode was on friendship. Between readings of the first letters between Lena and her pen pal, writer Ashley Ford (who has a super sultry voice), were conversations between BFFs young, old, and famous.


Other highlights from the podcast was an advice segment with Emma Stone and June Squibb and a profile on Edna St. Vincent Millay. (P.S. Millay has become a favorite of mine, and I got to see the very narrow house Lena mentions when I was in NYC earlier this year with the Madcap Heiress. So cool!) Click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Finally, this performance knocked my socks off. Check it out!

It’s Time to Color! Coloring Pages for

Some of you may remember that I instagrammed a mandala I was doodling recently. Well, it was part of a bigger project I just did for Coloring Pages!

Coloring Pages for | Hannah & Husband

There are 5 designs to download and color while you’re watching tv, flying to see family over the holiday, or sitting at your desk on those super long conference calls. It’s such a relaxing activity and made me think of the hours Grandma and I put in on all those Snoopy coloring books when I was little.

Click here to download all 5 on You’ll also see a few ways you can use the final products. The best part? They’re free!

Coloring Pages for | Hannah & Husband

If you end up coloring, we’d love to see! Instagram them and tag @diynetwork & @hb_belle


If you’re interested in what I do when I’m not blogging? Click here to see

Style File: Elvis Presley

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

It all started rather innocently with a discussion on the merits of a casual shawl collar. But quickly, I found myself down a rabbit hole filled the bold style choices of Skinny Elvis. I mentioned this in a recent post so if you’ve been waiting to talk Elvis Presley’s style and menswear, today is your lucky day!

When Husband and I first met, we bonded over our shared love of music that wasn’t popular among most high schoolers. But, as time went on we discovered that we both had a childhood love for Elvis. It’s possible you knew this if you follow James on twitter…

Follow @jamesaslaughter | Hannah & Husband

A few years ago, as a joke at Christmas, James’ dad brought over a life-size cutout of the king that now resides on our sun porch. I made Dexter pose with him just for this picture. (Reason #118 that a dog is superior to a toddler at this stage in my life.)

Dexter & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

So today, we’re going to talk about some of the king’s best style choices—the ones before the rhinestones and gold glasses.

First things first, if you learn nothing else from this post learn this: Stand up proudly behind your woman in a perfectly tailored jacket and know you’re killing it. Confidence is everything.

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

Southern boys (and stylish gentlemen) monogram, monogram, monogram.

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

If you’re going to play a miniature instrument of any kind, it is helpful to be wearing skin-tight short shorts at the time. (I’ve been trying to talk James into a pair of these ever since I saw this picture of 007 reading on a boat last week. Beach trip!)

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

When you’re not on a beach serenading your lady in short shorts, look snuggly. It is sweater weather: the perfect excuse to get your cuddle on.

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

If you don’t already have a lady, but you’re looking to pick one up: Pose with puppies. Also, can we talk about those shoes?

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

I am a fan, though I could do without the socks. I have this theory that Elvis was a shoe guy. Check out the booties in the picture below.

Also, should we even talk about the coordinating outfits? If they hook up at the end of the movie, does the hollywood ending consist of closets full of coordinating outfits?

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

I really can’t think about this too much right now. Maybe we should just take a look at the jacket that spurred the whole conversation…

What are your thoughts on the casual shawl collar? Do or Don’t?

Weekend Foraging at Rivermont

Fall in East Tennessee at Rivermont | Hannah & Husband

If you follow on Instagram, you know that Fall is in full swing in East Tennessee!  Can you get over those colors? This weekend was good for my soul. We made some progress here on the home front, I did a little foraging, and I made meatballs.

Meatballs | Hannah & Husband

I know under normal circumstances meatballs aren’t really that big of a deal. But for our poor Rivermont kitchen, which seems to pride itself on always looking like a disastrous “Before” picture, that evening of smelling delicious was homey bliss. So let’s just celebrate them for a second, ok?

*/blissful thoughts about meatballs… Dean Martin singing in the background…/* 

Thank you. Maybe the best thing that’s happened in the last week was getting the chimneys inspected and repaired. A fireplace was high on my list of requirements for our next space so I was ridiculously excited about this. So excited, in fact, that we’ve been going through firewood like it’s our job.

Fire + Fall Mantle | Hannah & Husband

Kindly ignore the oddly-sized mantle decor and the wood box in the left of that picture; I couldn’t resist the snapshot. When your house is one big work-in-progress, you’ve got to just roll with it.

Nandina Berries & a white pumpkin atop our mantle | Hannah & Husband

On Saturday, I did a little foraging in the backyard. That’s where I clipped these beautiful berries from the nandina bushes. I’m pretty in love with their color, which is a very orangey red that’s perfect for autumn decor. I also went on a little treasure hunt for these beauties.


Pecan | Hannah & Husband

Guess who learned to shell pecans this weekend? I even have the little cuts on my thumb to prove it! And you see that guy below? That’s a brownie I baked with pecans FROM OUR BACKYARD! Foraging with delicious results is the best kind. I just can’t get over it. (Click here to get the recipe for Woo-Woo’s Quick-as-a-Wink Brownies.)

Woo-Woo's Quick-as-a-Wink Brownies with  Pecans | Hannah & Husband

So Happy November from Rivermont! I hope your weekend was absolutely lovely.

Happy November | Hannah & Husband

5 Artists to Follow on Instagram

You may know that Husband and I are really passionate about buying art and supporting artists. In fact, earlier this year I posted a 4 part series called “How to Start Your Art Collection.” I was so excited to hear about what art you collect and what pieces your family considers treasure! As you may imagine, I follow numerous artists on Instagram, and it’s not surprising that many artists consider Instagram their most important social platform. It’s such an easy way to connect personally with their fan base by giving glimpses into their workspace, their travels, their sketchbook, and their latest work. Recently, I read an article called “How to Use Instagram to Invest in Art” that gave even more insight into this trend. So today, I thought I’d share my current favorite 5 artists to follow on Instagram.


A photo posted by Donald Robertson (@drawbertson) on

If you’re into fashion, Donald Robertson is my top pick. His messy red smooch and long ladies can be found on everything from handbags to shirts worn by Beyonce. (All hail Beyonce.) Bonus: His blue-eyed twin boys make appearances regularly.  

Autumn in New England on a rainy day. #paintingaday #365daysofpaint #30minutesketch #sketchbook A photo posted by augustwren (@augustwren) on

August Wren is now on year 2 of my favorite “daily drawings” project. Her daily 30 minute, sketchbook paintings often feature wildlife and quirky faces.

Monika Forsberg is an artist hailing from London. Her colors are almost over-saturated creating a beautiful wash of color. She’s started on some holiday projects recently that have been a delightful treat to see in my daily feed.

Flora.Forager is the work of Bridget Beth Collins. Her beautiful still lifes are painted with petals. It’s always interesting to see what she’s found, and it’s fun to watch her feed evolve with the seasons.


No need to say goodbye to white wine just yet–Best (cheap) fall whites on @punch_drink today 🍂🍁

A photo posted by Natalie K. Nelson (@nelsonknatalie) on

Natalie Nelson’s makes mixed media editorial illustrations. Her playfulness and the retro elements she chooses are so much fun!

Who is your favorite artist to follow on Instagram? I’m always looking for someone new to follow!