The Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe

Fried Green Tomatoes | Hannah & Husband

Truth be told, my real “fried green tomato recipe” is throwing a little of this and a little of that into bowl. Then, I put a cup of that, a dash of this, and an egg into a different bowl…

Fried Green Tomatoes | Hannah & HusbandFried Green Tomatoes | Hannah & Husband

But since Husband was posting about burger night, and we’d had this recipe requested on several occasions, I thought I should probably try harder for you fine people and (*gasp*) use a measuring cup. So here it is, my fried green tomato recipe (or at least a close approximation of the dumping and smidging). Enjoy!

Fried Green Tomatoes | Hannah & Husband

Before you do anything, start heating your oil in the iron skillet. Put the burner on medium heat–this will take a little longer but is safer.


34 C all-purpose flour
12 C finely ground cornmeal
1 Tblsp coarsely ground cornmeal
dash salt

34  C milk
1 egg
hot sauce (like Louisiana or Frank’s) – knock yourself out

Fried Green Tomatoes | Hannah & Husband

Make It:

In one bowl, mix your dry ingredients. In another your wet.

The key in breading is ORDER. Repeat after me: Flour – Milk – Flour – Milk – Flour

Fried Green Tomatoes | Hannah & Husband

Fried Green Tomatoes | Hannah & Husband

Now just fry until golden brown on both side.

Remove from the oil on to paper towels to soak up any excess. Then, sprinkle with a little salt.

Fried Green Tomatoes | Hannah & Husband

If you make them, be sure to instagram us! @jamesaslaughter @hb_belle

burgers-hannahandhusband-2-titleWant Husband’s burger recipe? Click here to get it. 

Click here to learn how to care for your iron skillet.


Burger Night

Well, it’s officially grilling season. What’s that mean? Burger night.



We don’t mess around when it comes to burgers. Here’s how we get started:

1 lb ground beef
12 cup diced bell peppers (green, red, yellow–dealer’s choice)
12 cup diced onion
3 tbsp Worcestershire
salt & pepper







Now for the build:

English muffin (Toasted, of course, we aren’t animals.)
Cheese of your choice (She went blue, I went pepper jack)
A good, strong mustard
Fried green tomato

That’s right, it’s not finished without a fried green tomato. Hannah’s recipe will be following soon.

Roasted sweet potato chips and maybe an extra fried green tomato; you are ready to go.



Evolution of a Home Pt. 2

Evolution of a Home Pt. 2 | Hannah & Husband

This is part 2 of our home’s evolution. To read part 1, click here. 

As I mentioned in part one, I’ve been lucky enough to know all the families that have ever lived in our house. When we bought our house in 2006, we bought it from really good friends. They knew I’d always wanted to live in the house and, since they were planning to start building in the country, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. It was fate I suppose.

A couple months before we moved in, we brought Woo-Woo and my aunt, a real estate agent visiting from her home in NYC, over to see it. Our friends were still living there and the one thing that my aunt went on and on about was the “spirit” of the house. It was friendly and inviting from the moment you stepped onto the porch. I like to think a small part of it was the house, but it was also due in big part to its inhabitants. Through the decor, they put so much of themselves into the house, which you can see as you flip through the pictures.

Evolution of a Home Pt. 2 | Hannah & Husband

I loved Trish’s hippie garden. She now has a much bigger yard with wildflowers everywhere! (Also, please note that we come by our Volkswagen devotion honestly.)

Evolution of a Home Pt. 2 | Hannah & Husband

The front porch is always one of the favorite rooms of the house. It overlooks the city park.

Evolution of a Home Pt. 2 | Hannah & Husband

Of Note: Carpet and white walls

Evolution of a Home Pt. 2 | Hannah & Husband

The living room’s mixture of Americana and antiques.

Evolution of a Home Pt. 2 | Hannah & Husband

Evolution of a Home Pt. 2 | Hannah & Husband

Of Note: contact paper on the walls with a 60s-tastic strawberry print

Speaking of strawberries: Trish is the one who taught me how to make strawberry jam! Get the recipe here.



1950s Dinner Party with the “Club”

I usually don’t share too much about the “club” except for the fact that it exists and an instagram here and there, but last night we threw a 1950s dinner party. So really how could I resist?

If you remember, last year I started a book club. It was fun! We liked talking about the books we were reading, but we also just really loved each other’s company–and planning ridiculously over-the-top food and drink to accompany the discussion. So finally…

It's finally happened. Book club has officially become 'Club'...

Last night was the first gathering of the “club,” and what better way to kick things off than with a 1950s dinner party? After all, the women of the 50s were all about a good gathering of the girls, right? Garden clubs, book clubs, bridge circles… you get the picture.

Anywho, here are a few highlights:

Punch Table | Hannah & Husband


Hannah in Woo-Woo's dress | Hannah & Husband

I wore the only dress I have of my Woo-Woo’s. I’d never actually worn it because, in the words of one of the guests, “It’s beautiful, but the fabric feels like the upholstery on my couch.” It fit perfectly.

Humpty Dumpty Egg | Hannah & Husband

We made dishes that we found (and, in most cases, updated) in cookbooks from the era and our own family’s recipe boxes. Somewhere in the midst of the jello-d ham (totally a thing) and massive amounts of mayo and MSG, we found a few things that were pretty tasty.

Note to self: I learned that you really should never make meatloaf for a dinner party. It’s best out of the oven, which means that by the time we’d finished our punch, the main course was looking (and tasting) rather cold and sad.

50s Party Table | Hannah & Husband

Anywho, we had punch & deviled eggs to start. Then, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, pea salad, jello salad, banana pudding, and candle salad. 1950s women were all about the salad! But what is candle salad you ask? The weirdest way to serve fruit I’ve seen and also the best centerpiece ever. I’ll let you be the judge.

Hannah prepping the candle salad. | Hannah & Husband

Assembling the candle salad… from Liz’s instagram

Candle Salad Recipes | Hannah & Husband

Candle Salad | Hannah & Husband

 What’s your favorite 1950s recipe? Have you ever thrown a 50s party?

Snapshots of the Weekend

Long before the sun came up Saturday morning the birds started singing. It had finally warmed enough for us to sleep with the windows open. When the birds woke me at 6:45 (much earlier than my normal Saturday wake-up call), it was a welcome entrance to the ‘real’ spring–the spring when we can drink our morning coffee on the front porch, when the lightning bugs entertain us in the early evening, and when the finest of culinary events finally starts: homegrown tomatoes.

I hopped out of bed and let Hannah snooze a bit longer, went downstairs to make coffee and enjoy a little reading time on the front porch.

Weekend Snapshot - Hannah & Husband

After a lazy morning, we headed out to Knoxville to enjoy a bit of the Rossini Festival. You may think (as we did) that this would be a grand cultural and arts experience. In fact, it was mainly a street fair that showed some of the uglier side of Knoxville. In Hannah’s words, “OMG, we found the ‘people of Walmart’ on Gay Street.” We ducked into a craft beer bar and made our own afternoon.

Weekend Snapshot - Hannah & Husband

Sunday was church, a quick donut stop, and up to the river to celebrate my step-dad’s birthday.

Weekend Snapshot - Hannah & Husband Weekend Snapshot - Hannah & Husband

Weekend Snapshot - Hannah & Husband

Low country boil in the hills of Tennessee

Overall, quite a lovely weekend.

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Evolution of a Home Pt. 1

As with any place that one chooses to call home, there are ups and downs to living in a small town. For instance, one Sunday shortly after we got married, we decided to lay out of church–a practice that’s severely frowned upon when you’re the daughter of the preacher. By 2 o’clock that afternoon, we had four messages on the answering machine and two offers of casserole because surely someone had fallen deathly ill! You can never go to the grocery store without expecting to run into at least half a dozen people you know. And God forbid you get pulled over for speeding–we won’t even talk about what happens then.

But to be completely honest, more often than not, it’s nice to have people that care enough to be ‘all up in your business.’ I enjoy seeing friends when I’m waiting in line at the deli, and it’s fun to see families grow and change over time. The same goes for the town itself, houses, schools, and neighborhoods evolve as well. And I’m a firm believer that some houses carry spirits within them–the stories and feelings that you might catch  glimpse of on a sunny afternoon when all the windows are open or lying in bed listening to the birds sing the sun up.

Our house is one of those houses. I always wanted to live in our house. It faces the church I grew up in and the park that most of our city was originally built around. Since its construction in 1935, it has been home to several families and, aside from the first owner–the works manager at the plant who lived here for four years–I’ve known them all. So I thought it might be fun to share the evolution of our home that we love so much with you.

The Evolution of a Home Pt. 1 | Hannah & Husband

This is the Lord family. I had the pleasure of meeting the two sisters several years ago when they were in town. A childhood friend of theirs is in our church and arranged a visit. They came over to the house with a bouquet of flowers and walked around telling me stories. Their parents, Dick and Kay, owned the home from 1939 to 1959.

Originally from Pennsylvania, they moved down to Tennessee with ALCOA. But still unwilling to let all of her Yankee pride go, Mrs. Lord hung a picture of General Grant in the stairwell. I’ve been on the lookout for one, ever since I heard that story! It’s a tradition that should stay with the house, don’t you think? (Just for the record, East Tennessee fought with the North in the war, but that is neither here nor there I suppose.)

The Evolution of a Home Pt. 1 | Hannah & Husband

The Evolution of a Home Pt. 1 | Hannah & Husband

In 1949, they built the addition where each of our offices now sit. In fact, that window with the ladder in front is where I’m looking out right now. Husband is currently wrestling with that tree’s stump.

And Dexter is sitting on the front porch right in front of the door where the girls used to play games with their friends on warm Spring days like today. I am happy to report that those floorboards leading from the screen door to the front door have had to be replaced because our house has always been a place where people are welcome so they’ve gotten a lot of use over the years.


Heart Hair Clip

As you know, I’ve been on a bit of a hair accessory kick lately. I love the sparkly baubles to put in my hair, but I really hate paying much for them. A few weeks ago, I showed you this Vintage Button Hair Bauble I made from some of Nana’s button collection. Today, I thought I’d show you how I made this sequined heart.

Heart Hair Bling | Hannah & Husband

For this, I just layered sequins onto a piece of wool felt one night while watching Pitch Perfect. (Seriously, how much do you adore that movie?)

Tip: Use real wool felt. It’s heftier than the cheaper synthetic stuff and will keep its shape.

Heart Hair Bling | Hannah & Husband

As you can see, this time I used a piece of paper to try to prop the clip open against the hot glue. While it did the trick or helping me not glue the clip shut, it left behind some paper. So not only does it look terrible; it also makes the piece harder to take in and out.

After experimenting a bit more, I’d just recommend holding the clip open. The glue doesn’t take very long to dry.

Heart Hair Bling | Hannah & Husband

After the last hair post, I got several questions (on the post and via social media) about how I do my hair. I’ll post a video of that soon!

A Few Snaps from Our Weekend

This weekend, Springtime was in full force here in Easts Tennessee. We spent Friday night and Saturday downtown for the Rhythm & Blooms Festival. The weather was a bit iffy, but armed with Bean boots, coffee, good music, and better friends we had a lovely time.

Rhythm 'n' Blooms Knoxville | Hannah & Husband

Rhythm 'n' Blooms Knoxville | Hannah & Husband

Coffee at Old City Java

Rhythm 'n' Blooms Knoxville | Hannah & Husband

On a recommendation from a friend we saw John & Jacob at The Pilot Light. They were fantastic!


Rhythm 'n' Blooms Knoxville | Hannah & Husband

Alley art in the Old City


Rhythm 'n' Blooms Knoxville | Hannah & Husband

Coffee & tunes at Remedy Coffee



Rhythm 'n' Blooms Knoxville | Hannah & Husband

My new favorite uniform: stolen shirt from Husband, Y’all sweatshirt (the softest ever), and pearls (of course).


Rhythm 'n' Blooms Knoxville | Hannah & Husband

Another coffee stop at Old City Java.


Rhythm 'n' Blooms Knoxville | Hannah & Husband

Our favorite act of the weekend (& the reason we bought the passes in the first place): Shovels & Rope.

Rhythm 'n' Blooms Knoxville | Hannah & Husband

Our own local stars The Lonetones. Our friend Cecilia is the cellist on the right.

Rhythm 'n' Blooms Knoxville | Hannah & Husband

Ben Sollee performing late Saturday night at a rad new venue: The Standard.



Loverboy’s Specialty Cake


Welcome to part ii of our series “Always Be Prepared to Party.” (If you haven’t had the chance, read about our party drawer here.) This post is particularly fitting because Husband actually learned how to make this cake as a boy scout. (For the record, his scouting career lasted a lot longer than mine did.) Several years later, he would use it to woo a certain high school girl, and we’ve been together ever since!

You’ve probably all had this cake and likely most of you have made it. But, it’s the one cake that we always have on hand. Unexpected company? Unexpected birthday boy coming to your house in an hour? Have a midnight chocolate craving? Need to woo the ladies? This is the cake.  Enjoy!


Preheat oven to 350°


1 box yellow cake mix

1 box chocolate Jell-o instant pudding

8 oz. sour cream

1/2 cup vegetable oil

4 eggs

1 package chocolate chips


Make It:

Flour and grease a bundt pan.

Mix all your ingredients together and spoon into the pan.

Drop the pan straight down on the counter a couple of times to make sure any air bubbles settle.

Bake for 50 minutes at 350° until a skewer or toothpick comes out with little pieces of cake clinging to it (and maybe some chocolate chips).


 Happy Friday, Loves!

Any fun weekend plans? We’ll be attending the Rhythm ‘n’ Blooms festival in Knoxville.



Food in the Mail

Blue Apron | Hannah & Husband

We both love to cook, and we both definitely have our own strengths when it comes to the kitchen. Versatility, however, is not one of mine. Since I’ve been doing more of the cooking the past couple of months, we’ve been a bit in a rut. Enter Blue Apron, a company that delivers the fixins for meals right to our doorstep. We looked at it a while back, and then when a friend recommended it (and sent us a referral), we gave it a shot.

Blue Apron | Hannah & Husband

Oh, by the way, the packaging is amazing.

Blue Apron | Hannah & Husband


What do we think so far? Mixed reviews.

Some of the meals are totally new (to us): We’ve cooked a lot of things, but new cuisines are hard to dive into. With this company all the ingredients are perfectly measured and ready to go. Easy, and fun to try.

Some of the meals are, well, not so new (to us): Chicken quesadillas? Don’t get me wrong, they were tasty, as was the paired salad, but I don’t want to send off for a special box of food only to make a quesadilla.

Only some of the products are organic: Okay, that’s fine. We buy organic when we can and don’t when we can’t just like anybody.

None of the products are local: There’s the (primary) rub. Last year we did a CSA. We’ve always been big farmer’s market folks, and we like supporting the local economy. We also grow much of our own produce. It’s nice to be able to get our hands on ingredients that might be hard to source in this area, but as soon as the farmer’s market gets up and running and our garden comes into its own, we’ll be putting the deliveries on hold until next winter.

So, what about you? Would you ever use a service like Blue Apron?


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