I know, I know. Could that photo be anymore 2009? I just get ridiculously sappy this time of year about going out to breakfast in the morning and trudging through the leaves in my bean boots. These are the moments I will savor when it is 38° and raining (but not snowing) in the middle of January. Tennessee really knows how to do Fall–winter not so much. Anyway, that’s what’s happening in our neck of the woods, here’s what I’m digging on the rest of the interwebs…

When I first started following @thedogist on Instagram, I got ridiculously excited and told all my friends. Having a bad day at work? Check out @thedogist. The line for coffee is ridiculously long? Check out @thedogist. I couldn’t get enough of his pup portraits. Well, Elias Weiss Friedman was recently profiled on CBS Sunday Morning, and it turns out he’s published a book.

[image source: The Dogist]

[image source: The Dogist]

Click here to order The Dogist on Amazon! (I’ve already bought a couple extra copies for Christmas gifts.)


In that same vein, photographer Caroline Fontenot and writer Jess Graves have collaborated on a site: Southerners & Their Dogs. It’s been around for a bit, but I just ran across it because of this fab image. Definitely worth a bookmark!


Hope you don’t have plans for the next few hours because if interior design is your thing, allow me to point you to Pandora’s box: Lonny’s seriously in-depth map of Hollywood’s designers and their squads.


Lena Dunham released the first full episode of her new podcast, Women of the Hour, this week, and it totally exceeded my expectations. The first episode was on friendship. Between readings of the first letters between Lena and her pen pal, writer Ashley Ford (who has a super sultry voice), were conversations between BFFs young, old, and famous.


Other highlights from the podcast was an advice segment with Emma Stone and June Squibb and a profile on Edna St. Vincent Millay. (P.S. Millay has become a favorite of mine, and I got to see the very narrow house Lena mentions when I was in NYC earlier this year with the Madcap Heiress. So cool!) Click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Finally, this performance knocked my socks off. Check it out!

5 Artists to Follow on Instagram

You may know that Husband and I are really passionate about buying art and supporting artists. In fact, earlier this year I posted a 4 part series called “How to Start Your Art Collection.” I was so excited to hear about what art you collect and what pieces your family considers treasure! As you may imagine, I follow numerous artists on Instagram, and it’s not surprising that many artists consider Instagram their most important social platform. It’s such an easy way to connect personally with their fan base by giving glimpses into their workspace, their travels, their sketchbook, and their latest work. Recently, I read an article called “How to Use Instagram to Invest in Art” that gave even more insight into this trend. So today, I thought I’d share my current favorite 5 artists to follow on Instagram.


A photo posted by Donald Robertson (@drawbertson) on

If you’re into fashion, Donald Robertson is my top pick. His messy red smooch and long ladies can be found on everything from handbags to shirts worn by Beyonce. (All hail Beyonce.) Bonus: His blue-eyed twin boys make appearances regularly.  

Autumn in New England on a rainy day. #paintingaday #365daysofpaint #30minutesketch #sketchbook A photo posted by augustwren (@augustwren) on

August Wren is now on year 2 of my favorite “daily drawings” project. Her daily 30 minute, sketchbook paintings often feature wildlife and quirky faces.

Monika Forsberg is an artist hailing from London. Her colors are almost over-saturated creating a beautiful wash of color. She’s started on some holiday projects recently that have been a delightful treat to see in my daily feed.

Flora.Forager is the work of Bridget Beth Collins. Her beautiful still lifes are painted with petals. It’s always interesting to see what she’s found, and it’s fun to watch her feed evolve with the seasons.


No need to say goodbye to white wine just yet–Best (cheap) fall whites on @punch_drink today 🍂🍁

A photo posted by Natalie K. Nelson (@nelsonknatalie) on

Natalie Nelson’s makes mixed media editorial illustrations. Her playfulness and the retro elements she chooses are so much fun!

Who is your favorite artist to follow on Instagram? I’m always looking for someone new to follow!


Between Winterpocalypseicysnowmageddon and whatever was up with my brain yesterday, I am happy to say “TGIF!” Here are some rad links from around the internet.

Grace Coddington on Instagram | TGIF! Hannah & Husband

Grace Coddington is on Instagram, and she did a doodle of Peter Copping after his first show for Oscar de la Renta. There’s also a cat… because: Grace.

Anne Lamott "Stitches" |  on Brain Pickings | TGIF! Hannah & HusbandOne of my favorite reasons the internet exists is Maria Popova’s site Brain Pickings. This week, she did a post about Anne Lamott’s book “Stitches” that we both found fascinating. It’s about the difference between routine and ritual.

“… routine grants us the stable platform within, from which we can begin not only to tolerate but perhaps even to enjoy the shaky messiness without.”

(Click here to read about one of our favorite rituals.)

We’ve mentioned historic Twitter accounts in the past. Well, I’ve found a new one that’s a pretty funny play on the Civil War. (I know, that sentence sounds totally wacky to me too.) I started following @themarychesnut on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, and this week I discovered there’s a tumblr that’s even better called “A Diary from Dixie.” See a sample below.

@themarychesnut | TGIF! Hannah & Husband

Saving the best for last…

Gael Towey's Portraits in Creativity "Maira Kalman: My Favorite Things" |  | TGIF! Hannah & Husband

Gael Towey is a professional idol of mine, and I have loved watching her add to her Portraits in Creativity series. This week, she released a new short called “Maira Kalman: My Favorite Things” that documents and coincides with Maira’s Show Maira Kalman Selects currently at the Cooper Hewitt Museum.

(For more of my swooning over Maira, click here.)

5 Things I Learned Last Week

1.) Always dress for the Occasion… Even Husband’s coffee mug was ready for inauguration day.


2.) Even dudes (as Laurie March would say) love Ikea. I would pay astronomical amounts of money to go back in time and tape Dad’s first experience with the Swedish super store. It was pretty epoch.


3.) Sometimes a Southern girl just *needs* Cracker Barrel.


4.) Husband knows a lot of 90’s music that I apparently missed during my sheltered childhood including an inordinate amount of Ace of Base and some Shoop song? Trust me, no one is more surprised by this than me!


5.) It really is worth it to actually *do* one’s hair. My friend Liz is my hair hero, but I’m getting better & better with my hot rollers so Watch Out, World!