How to Start Your Art Collection Pt. 1

How to Start Your Art Collection | Hannah & Husband

2 pieces I thought I’d call out on this wall: Top left, a letterpress piece by my college classmate Superlectric Industries. I think it was made when she was working with YeeHaw Industries. To its right, an original watercolor “Dandies & Quaintrelles” by Elizabeth Graeber

Recently, Husband and I invested in a new piece of art to add to our collection. Since acquiring the print, we’ve had several discussions about why we collect art and how saying that can sound a bit intimidating to people that have never thought of investing in art before. So today, we’re starting a series called “How to Start Your Art Collection” because something so worth doing should not be intimidating!

I thought we should start with why. Art is an investment that to some may seem illusive. Why scrimp and save for a piece of art? There are several reasons we collect art and the first is simply this:

"In order to live a beautiful life, you must invest in the beautiful." How to Start Your Art Collection | Hannah & Husband

If you are a lover of music, support local musicians. If you are a lover of clothes, find tailors and designers in your area that you really dig and buy their wares. If you love looking at beautiful things, support the people that make them.

The second is something Husband said the other night that I thought was a perfect metaphor. The art you choose is representative of a time in your life. Your tastes may change, but looking through your collection can be like looking through a photo album. Every piece represents a moment in your life.

When we were dating, I bought James a piece by one of his favorite artists. It was someone his parents had collected and the painting itself was one that I particularly liked. 10 years later, both of our tastes have changed drastically. But the framed piece still reminds us of that year in college, what we both loved about that particular painting, and the excitement of gift-giving when you’re young and dating.

The third reason to invest in art is something I heard on one of Alton Brown’s podcasts in which he interviewed his personal art dealer, Robert Sparks of Martin Lawrence Galleries.

We’re all leaving our kids money. Leave them some treasure. If your parents passed away a few years ago and left you two million bucks, wouldn’t you have liked if their had been a Picasso pastel from their trip to Paris in 1958 in the vault?

Genius, right? Whether you have kids or not, there will be someone in your life that values your memories. Leave behind treasure. Leave behind something with a story.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about finding your own style. In the meantime…

Do you invest in art?

Why do you think it’s important?

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One thought on “How to Start Your Art Collection Pt. 1

  1. My favorite place for art right now is Gallery 1988 which tries to make pop culture art affordable for everyone.
    I also keep buying pieces from James Jean, a current favorite, who does limited editions available for only 24 hours on his site from time to time. There’s one today at
    The problem I have now is too much art stashed away because framing is so expensive!

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