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Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

It all started rather innocently with a discussion on the merits of a casual shawl collar. But quickly, I found myself down a rabbit hole filled the bold style choices of Skinny Elvis. I mentioned this in a recent post so if you’ve been waiting to talk Elvis Presley’s style and menswear, today is your lucky day!

When Husband and I first met, we bonded over our shared love of music that wasn’t popular among most high schoolers. But, as time went on we discovered that we both had a childhood love for Elvis. It’s possible you knew this if you follow James on twitter…

Follow @jamesaslaughter | Hannah & Husband

A few years ago, as a joke at Christmas, James’ dad brought over a life-size cutout of the king that now resides on our sun porch. I made Dexter pose with him just for this picture. (Reason #118 that a dog is superior to a toddler at this stage in my life.)

Dexter & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

So today, we’re going to talk about some of the king’s best style choices—the ones before the rhinestones and gold glasses.

First things first, if you learn nothing else from this post learn this: Stand up proudly behind your woman in a perfectly tailored jacket and know you’re killing it. Confidence is everything.

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

Southern boys (and stylish gentlemen) monogram, monogram, monogram.

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

If you’re going to play a miniature instrument of any kind, it is helpful to be wearing skin-tight short shorts at the time. (I’ve been trying to talk James into a pair of these ever since I saw this picture of 007 reading on a boat last week. Beach trip!)

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

When you’re not on a beach serenading your lady in short shorts, look snuggly. It is sweater weather: the perfect excuse to get your cuddle on.

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

If you don’t already have a lady, but you’re looking to pick one up: Pose with puppies. Also, can we talk about those shoes?

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

I am a fan, though I could do without the socks. I have this theory that Elvis was a shoe guy. Check out the booties in the picture below.

Also, should we even talk about the coordinating outfits? If they hook up at the end of the movie, does the hollywood ending consist of closets full of coordinating outfits?

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

I really can’t think about this too much right now. Maybe we should just take a look at the jacket that spurred the whole conversation…

What are your thoughts on the casual shawl collar? Do or Don’t?


I am fully aware that it is not a full moon. Nevertheless, this week the inside of my brain has resembled the dinner scene from Beetlejuice–a seemingly choreographed form of unruly with a really good soundtrack. Is that just me?

However, while I haven’t posted in a few days, I have spent time mapping out the next couple of months for Hannah & Husband. This is such a nice creative outlet, but I just needed to reevaluate exactly how I wanted it to fit in to our lives–especially as Rivermont projects evolve and the holidays take over. I’m pretty stoked about making this webspace a bigger priority and trying some new types of content in the next couple of months so more to come. For today, our usual Friday round-up…

Here are my favorite, random goodies from around the interwebs this week. TGIF!

Chris Benz & Bill Blass launch

The new Bill Blass site launches on November 1st, but you can register now to win some of the new line. Now that Chris Benz has taken over the creative direction of the iconic sportswear brand, I’m excited to see where it goes. His premise is simple: capsule collections at different price points to help customers build a wardrobe. So far, I’m loving the bright colors I’ve seen, and I’m praying those orange shoes come in my size!

The great Alton Brown was profiled for the Bloomberg Business “What I Wear to Work” series. I was most interested in his button strategy.

A British study recently concluded that Southerners have the sexiest accent.

Who wants to fund "Hannah Belle's Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking"?

As if that wasn’t enough to convince me that my first European tour is already long overdue, Southern comfort food is on the rise in Paris. Who wants to fund &/or translate “Hannah Belle’s Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking”?

It is no secret that we love Wayne White–for the record: another southerner. (Remember this documentary?) Well, this week Design*Sponge posted a tour of the home White shares with his wife, cartoonist Mimi Pond. As you would imagine, the details are fantastic! My favorite: It’s a toss-up between a wooden sculpture White made for their dining room and Pond’s collection of 1950s knick-knacks.



5 Ways to Show Your Spirit… No Tshirt Required

“It’s football time in Tennessee!” Those are sacred words in Knoxville. SEC fans marvel at the empty seats we see on television in stadiums in other parts of the country; it just doesn’t happen around here. In the South, football fandom is more of a lifestyle than 2 days on Saturday. So today, I have 5 ways to show your spirit (in style, of course!).

Contrary to popular belief, I really do enjoy football. Only for me, it’s more about the experience—the tailgate, the campus covered in orange and white, the band… THE BAND (Jake Blues voice please)!

And when in the stadium, I sometimes get distracted. Like a couple of weeks ago when I thought the sky was more entertaining than the play.

5 Ways to Root for Your Team Without Wearing a Tshirt | Hannah & Husband

Surely I’m not the only one this happens too. So the other day, I came across this Big Orange pennant from The Old Try, and I decided we should talk about sports accoutrements that go beyond the orange Tshirt.

Disclaimer: There’s nothing wrong with a Tshirt. In fact, my friend, Beverly, has taken crafting her own Vol tees to a level that puts all others to shame. But there are at least 12 times to show off your team’s colors… maybe we should mix it up a little.

5 Ways to Root for Your Team Without Wearing a Tshirt | Hannah & Husband

Sources: You can filter The Old Try’s fab goods by state here! Vintage thermos of every color can be found on Etsy. / Also found on Etsy: that 1930s quilt I’m now convinced I need. (Attn: Lish) / Hook + Albert lapel flower / Local mens’ shops always have some version of team dress shirts. If you’re in East Tennessee, the orange & white cuffed shirt came from our friend Bill at Boyd Thomas. / Boden cardigan / Wood boxer briefs / lingerie set / Cole Haan oxfords / Dooney & Bourke bag 

Thrift This Look: 5 Trends for F/W 2015

We get a lot of questions about our closets because we’re always looking to wear things that are just a little different. Our secret: thrifting. We love vintage stores, and the price point is almost always preferable to buying “the latest thing.” So today, I’m starting the “Thrift This Look” series where I’ll share elements you can find used to really dress up your duds. To kick things off, here are 5 trends for F/W 2015 that you can find at your local thrift store.

The School Uniform

This trend is basically the cousin of the sexy Catholic School girl–the prudish cousin that may have resting bitch face. The skirts this season are just a bit longer but the patterns are bigger and bolder than ever!

Look for: Plaid skirts.

Note: Be sure to check any wools and tweeds for moth holes. Finding these in mint condition at thrift are rare, but you may be able to use any wear to talk down the price!

The Dancing Queen

If you listen to a lot of Abba and can drop into “Superstar” stance (Mary Catherine Gallagher fans out there?) at a moment’s notice, this look is for you. I mean, let’s just say it: there are not enough opportunities to wear sequins as an adult. Shine on like the star you are, baby!

Look for: Sequins that are at least the size of nickels.

Bohemian Honey

My mother’s closet in the 70s was basically this look. (Luckily she saved at least one dress that is now in my closet!) Lay in the grass, put on a little post-Beatles John Lennon (peace, love, etc.), and wear something long and flowy. The best part? You don’t have to worry about fixing your hair.

Look for: Crimson florals on silky fabrics.

Put a Bow on It

This feels like a Portlandia sketch, but I promise it isn’t. Feminine collars that tie into neat little bows are something I remember from my earliest childhood. I feel like you’d need to have a tendency toward granny and perhaps a little amish to really pull this off, but why not?

Look for: Blouses that are feminine and collars that tie.

Comfy Chic

A big shout-out to Lenny Kravitz for this timeless mental image. This look may be as easy as an extra phone call to your grandmother. But, if you aren’t so lucky, it’s time for a trip to the wool section.

Look for: Chunky knits

Note: Thrifted sweaters often carry the eau de antique. To get rid of the vintage stench for good, check out this post. 

There you go: 5 trends to thrift for Fall! Which one is your favorite?

If you care to pop over the HGTV’s Dreams Happen blog, today I’ll be sharing my best tips for thrifting.


Wimbledon Whites

As Wimbledon heats up across the pond, Mornings with Fox 43 invited me on this morning to talk about rocking the strictly white look. The idea of “Wimbledon Whites” stems from the club’s strict rules that players wear predominantly bright white on the court–no cream, no off white, and not more than 1 centimeter of trim in a single accent color. (Click here to read more about the fuss that Roger Federer’s red soles made a couple years ago. Scandolous!)

So watch below for a few of my ideas for both men & women on how to own this sporty style.

The Platinum Blonde Commandments

Jayne Mansfield, The Blonde Commandments, Hannah & Husband

Before we get to The Platinum Blonde Commandments, here’s a joke that my mom used to tell when I was little…

She’d ask my dad, “Honey, will you love me when I’m old & grey?”

To which he’d reply, “Beth, I’ve loved you through 12 colors already.”

By the time I reached my mid-20s I’d been a number of colors myself. There was the sun-in phase at 15 and the stoplight red phase at 22. The latter was quickly followed by that time that I tried to go blonde from auburn and ended up looking like Lucille Ball. (Pro Tip: Going from fake red hair to fake blonde hair is lunacy.)

I Love Lucy, crying | The Blonde Commandments, Hannah & Husband

But the week before my 28th birthday, I decided to try blonde. Platinum blonde to be exact. I decided that one should probably make any really crazy hair decisions before 30 and 28 was nearly 30 so if I completely botched the whole thing, then I could go pink and probably not be judged too harshly for it. (And yes, as I near 30, I’m recognizing the flaw in this theory.) So my lovely stylist friend and I set out on our mission. She lifted the color twice over the course of a few weeks, and there I was.

Dolly Parton, The Blonde Commandments, Hannah & Husband

I now truly can’t imagine myself going back, but it was considered several months ago. While I’d cut back on shampooing, I hadn’t really changed my hair routine, which was inadvertently causing a lot of damage. Luckily, around that time, I learned some tricks to keep my platinum ‘do in tip-top shape. So today, I present to you…

The Platinum Blonde Commandments

1. Thou Shalt Not Over Wash.

Lifting my hair to this extent really dried it out so I wash my hair every five to seven days. I’ve learned to embrace the messy with funky updos and boho style braids because letting my natural oils do their thing seems to be best.

Condition, The Blonde Commandments, Hannah & Husband

2. Thou Shalt Deep Condition.

This is THE BIG ONE. This is the one I didn’t know to do in the beginning. I have used a leave-in conditioner or oil from day one but deep conditioning treatments are what really bring my hair back to it’s natural texture and shine.

Color Theory, The Blonde Commandments, Hannah & Husband

3. Thou Shalt Practice Color Theory.

The question I get the most often is about the shade of my hair. I’m happiest when the blonde is white and violet so I was thrilled to learn this trick. The nature of fake blonde hair is to get brassy, orange & yellow tones. My friend Lynsey informed me that stylists use the color wheel all the time. To balance the brass, just use a purple shampoo!

Green Acres' Ralph & Lisa, The Blonde Commandments, Hannah & Husband

4. Thou Shalt Protect Thy Locks.

Here are a few things to remember:

Use a heat protectant every time you style. No exceptions! This means putting a spritz on before blow-drying, straightening, curling, or rolling.

If you’re going out for a day in the water, cover your hair with leave-in conditioner first. This acts as a little shield for your hair. Then, rinse thoroughly as soon as you get out of salt water or chlorine.

Finally, take extra precautions to protect your hair from the sun. I wear a lot of scarves and wide-brimmed hats in the summertime… and that’s not just because I’m Southern!

Brigitte Bardot,  The Blonde Commandments, Hannah & Husband

Derby Style

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

This morning, Husband and I were up early to talk Derby style with Knoxville’s Moira & Abby on Mornings with Fox 43. They are just the sweetest over there! You can watch the segment below but there are a couple things I wanted to show up close.

These lapel pins are easy DIY options for less than a dollar a piece. We simply used safety pins to attach them.

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

The Kentucky Derby is known as “the running of the roses,” so when I found this felt rose in the scrapbooking section of the craft store, I couldn’t resist. 

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

This is an old button we picked out from Nana’s button jar. Vintage buttons often have really cool insignias or regalia that are worth showing off.

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

Bags pictured are Patricia Nash

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

The Cubs patch and Fergie Jenkins’ signature couldn’t be seen on television so here’s a better shot.

Here’s the segment. Thanks for having us on Moira!

More from Hannah & Husband:

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TGIF, y’all! Happiest of Fridays to you and congratulations on making it through this wacky week! Our week has been filled with video shoots, traveling trunk shows, and temps ranging from the 20°s to the 70°s. Good gracious! Anyway, here are a few links from around the interwebs to help you kick back and get ready for the weekend.

There are two blogs that I check every single day. They’re the ones I’ve been reading so long that I can’t remember when I actually found them. The first is Love Taza and the second is A Cup of Jo–both are about amazing women, wives, and mothers who reside in New York City. I love how the internet has made the world feel so much smaller that you can read blogs, peek inside bloggers’ homes, and really feel like you know these women and a little about their lives. Well, Joanna Goddard (creator of A Cup of Jo) recently moved to Brooklyn, and this week she showed off her lovely space. I loved reading about how she chose colors and what pieces meant a lot to her. Definitely check out the full tour here and, if you’re anything like me, go a little Pinterest-crazy with ideas for the future.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced The Artist Project

The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced The Artist Project this week, and I cannot wait to watch the season. You can watch the teaser here.


Have you seen @shoesofnyc on Instagram? Follow immediately.

Sephora just announced its own version of Amazon Prime called: FLASH. For $10 you can get free two-day shipping for a year. I may never have to step foot in a mall again.


Have you been reading the “Women at Work” series in The New York Times? Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant have some thought-provoking things to say about women in the workplace (no shocker there) and also some really great research to quantify what they’re saying.

“To make gender parity a reality, we need to change the way we advocate for it. The usual focus is on fairness: To achieve justice, we need to give women equal opportunities. We need to go further and articulate why equality is not just the right thing to do for women but the desirable thing for us all.”



Red is Your Color

Red is Your Color | Hannah & Husband

Illustration by Coby Whitmore for Good Housekeeping, 1958

The other day an older gentleman stopped me on my way into a shop and said, “Red is Your Color!” Well, here’s a little secret: red is everyone’s color. Shopping in New York a few weeks ago, I was shocked at the lack of color in the stores. Why is everything black, white, and grey in the wintertime? It is cold and dreary outside so throw some color in your closet. Find just the right shade of red for your scarf, lips, or jacket to make your features pop!

Red is Your Color | Hannah & Husband

I have recently been coveting these double monks from Peter Nappi, but alas they do not come in my size. Someone please order a pair so I may live vicariously! | Peter Nappi, PIERA DOUBLE MONK SHOE IN FIAMA

Holly Golightly may curse the “mean reds,” but in Chinese culture, and apparently some old wives’ tales, the color red is lucky and can ward off evil and sickness. I don’t know about all that, but in the middle of flu season, who really wants to risk it? I can tell you that a little red always lifts my spirits and stands out in the crowd. So today, I put together a little inspiration to help you ease into red or jump in full force. (“Go big or go home, right?”)

Red is Your Color | Hannah & Husband

If you’re a little timid, start with red as an accent color. Add a bright red lip with your favorite cardigan or red nails with that Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face look.

For the boys, I’d suggest bringing reds into the socks or tie. Although, for Spring, I’m a sucker for nantucket red chinos. But for the love of Pete, don’t wear them with leather thong sandals like the guy on is doing… For shame, BB. For shame.


The key is finding the “right” red. I’m an Autumn so the reds that look best on me often have orange undertones. If you’re wondering how to find the “right” red for you, I’d recommend a stop at Sephora. They carry so many different brands that they won’t make something fit just because it’s insert brand name here.

If you’re a guy, red is usually not right next to your face. Unless, of course, you’re wearing lipstick… in which case, see above. Otherwise, I’d suggest visiting a menswear shop and trying on several different shades to see what feels right.

So tell me, what’s your favorite color to wear when it’s dreary out?



Sexy Skivvies

While some might consider January the very definition of sweatsuit season, I’d like to declare January the month of the sexy skivvies!*

*Skivvy: [Southern] referring to one’s unmentionables,
those garments worn that only just cover one’s birthday suit

I understand that January is hard. It is gray. It is cold. It is rainy. Perhaps you too want to spend the entire month either in a hot bath or wrapped up in an ugly, oversized, wool sweater. But, let me propose a little something that can help your case of the Januarys (as well as your mate’s): ridiculously sexy underwear.

Sure you may still be bundled in that oversize, wool sweater but underneath you will be a serious case of hotness strutting your stuff. There’s just something about embracing your inner sex kitten that is empowering. And knowing that all that pretty is underneath that oversize sweater will make doing household chores feel less maid of the mansion and more goddess of your domain.