Chatting About (how much I love) Chrissy Teigen on The Pop

Yes I know; it’s been a while. I’m a firm believer in not putting noise out onto the internet unless you really have something to say so I took a little break. We’ve both been busy with work and life and Rivermont but Monday, I’ll be back to blogging with lots of fun things to share. In the meantime, we were on The Pop this morning chatting with Abby about Chrissy Teigen. Well, Chrissy Teigen among other things… But really the how much I love Chrissy Teigen. Ok, just watch the video below! I’ll see you Monday.

The Golden Globes Best and Worst Fashion

This morning we got up bright & early, despite the frigid temps, to talk Golden Globes fashion with our fav–Abby Ham! Check out the video below.

Thanksgiving Weekend, a TV Appearance, and My Favorite Tripod


Hello! I hope you have recovered from a lovely Thanksgiving weekend and are ready to jump into December (TOMORROW OMG!). I am happy to report that our first holiday in the new house was a success! We had a relaxing day with family and even managed to set up my favorite tripod and snap a few pictures this year. I’m usually terrible at remembering–Thanks, Haley!

1st Thanksgiving at Rivermont | Hannah & Husband

We captured both of these by hanging my favorite tripod with an iPhone mount from a branch and a curtain rod. Then, we just used the timer on the iPhone. With the holidays coming up, I highly recommend this set-up: JOBY Gorillapod + Jellyfish iPhone tripod mount. The idea of the Gorillapod is that the bendable legs can balance anywhere or wrap around things to suspend your set up.

Hannah's Favorite iPhone Photography Set-Up | Hannah & Husband

I use it all the time! We’ve even set it up during parties to capture time-lapse videos. So rad!

Before I go, I thought I’d also share this video from Thanksgiving morning! Just me and Abby Ham chatting it up about recipes at 8am. Click here to check out all of the recipes from the Stories from the Kitchen series!

Monday, Monday…

Monday, Monday. 
Can’t trust that day…

But no, seriously. This morning started out with coffee, makeup, and a little on-camera chat with Abby Ham. It quickly turned into the dog having a little party in our absence, and me writing this email to my coworkers: “Dexter made some bad decisions this morning. I’ll be in ASAP.”

Dexter | Hannah & Husband

Dog ownership is not for the faint of heart, people. You’d never know as he sits there so stoically that he had been a little tasmanian devil just moments before. I’m bringing realism today, folks!

Now onto the fun stuff…

I instagrammed this pic last night so I thought I’d better share a link to Alton Brown’s hot cocoa mix. It is delicious, and we always have some on hand.


This weekend, Husband did a ton of work outside including building us a little wood shed! Isn’t it cute? He is going to add shingles to the roof, and we’ll paint it white to match the house come Spring.

Husband built a wood shed | Hannah & Husband

I’ll show you a pic of my own weekend project later. It’s getting there.

Finally: This morning we talked Christie Brinkley, Aziz Ansari, and Luke Skywalker on Mornings with Fox 43. Watch the segment below!


Happy Friday! This morning we were up bright & early (in desperate need of coffee) to chat about a few pop culture topics with our girl, Abby Ham. I’ll post that video at the bottom of this post, but first enjoy a couple of our favorite things from around the interwebs this week.

Taylor Swift on the cover of November 2015's GQ. Story by Chuck Klosterman.

Taylor Swift kills it on the cover of next month’s GQ. The cover story written by Chuck Klosterman is a fascinating profile about how Swift views her life. To quote Klosterman, “It’s impossible for an artist to control how she is perceived. But an artist can anticipate those perceptions, which is almost as good.”

As a side note, if you’re looking for a good weekend read, pick up Klosterman’s “I Wear the Black Hat.” It’s all about the anti-hero.


If you aren’t subscribed to Lenny Letter, today is the day. It’s a newsletter by Lena Dunham and her partner in crime Jenni Konner that comes right to your inbox covering everything from feminism to style tips. The Jennifer Lawrence piece mentioned in our segment below was part of this week’s Lenny.


And, finally, here’s our post from this morning! Enjoy and have a great Friday!


The Pop with Abby Ham

Pop Culture with Abby Ham on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

This morning we were up bright & early (coffee in hand) to chat pop culture with Abby Ham in a new segment called The Pop! How fun is that? Also, it got a little publicity for my childhood Miss Piggy pin–OMG, is it vintage now?! #thisis30 #teampiggy

#teampiggy, Pop Culture with Abby Ham on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

Watch the segment below!



What a Week, Huh?

Lemon, It's Wednesday | Hannah & Husband

You guys, this week is a little crazy. There are Rivermont projects in the works, we are both busy at work, I turn 30 tomorrow (THIRTY!), and last night our fav newslady profiled us. You can watch the clip below. (disclaimer: I’m mainly posting this for my parents who don’t live here in town… Hi, Mom! Hi!!!)

Hello! & salutations to the new readers who I’ve noticed popping up on our Facebook page & instagram. Today, I thought it would be fun to share eight random facts to break the ice.

1. In seventh grade, James was voted best dressed. He was wearing an Elvis costume.

2. When Hannah was 5, she wanted to marry Johnny Carson.

3. When we first started dating, we bonded over old-school jazz like Ella Fitzgerald. (Read about My Love Affair with Ella here.)

4. We love road trips. (Click here to see the pics from our trip to Middleton Place, an old plantation in Charleston, South Carolina.) 

5. We shop vintage. (Click here to learn Husband’s trick for getting the goodwill smell our of thrifted suits. Click here to see what I did with Nana’s button collection.)

6. We drive old cars. (Like this one and this one.)

7. You’ll want this recipe for Woo-Woo’s sugar cookies.

8. And, finally, (because I’ve been asked several times this week) here’s how I do my hair.

So glad to make your acquaintance! We’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Birthday Cake Candle Alternatives

Birthday Cake Candle Alternatives | Hannah & Husband

Today happens to be the birthday of one handsome husband! He shares the day with our favorite local TV personality, Abby Ham. So today I was up bright and early to talk birthday cakes with Abby on Mornings with Fox 43. Yesterday, I took a little poll via social media to find out what people would most like to learn and the winner (hands-down) was birthday cake candle alternatives. So here are 4 fun ways to decorate a birthday cake, no candles required!

Birthday Cake Candle Alternatives | Hannah & Husband Birthday Cake Candle Alternatives | Hannah & Husband Birthday Cake Candle Alternatives | Hannah & Husband Birthday Cake Candle Alternatives | Hannah & Husband

Peach Pancakes & Peach Berry Smoothie

This morning I was up bright and early to hang out with one of my favorite gals, Abby Ham. We made peach pancakes and peach berry smoothies on Mornings with Fox 43. The peaches came in more of an avalanche than a steady stream this year because of all the rain we’ve had, so we’ve literally just been throwing peaches in everything to not waste any!

Peach Pancakes and Peach Berry on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

I mentioned these peach pancakes in last week’s post, but in the video below you’ll get a couple tricks for whipping up perfect pancakes of your own. Also, if you’re curious, we love Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Pancake Mix–whole grain and hearty.

For the Peach Berry Smoothies, we mix this recipe up all the time based on what’s in season. (By “we,” I obviously mean Husband who actually makes this in the morning while yours truly is still doing her pre-coffee stagger.) In the middle of winter, we use all frozen fruits and more juice. In the summer and fall, we use whatever fruit is in season and less juice because the non-frozen fruit holds more water. While we like the punch of protein, the non-fat Greek yogurt is not necessary for this smoothie to be tasty. Here’s the breakdown of the recipe I made on air:

Peach Berry Smoothie

3/4 cup juice (We like these Tropicana Farmstand blends.)

1 peach, pitted and sliced

1 scoop non-fat Greek yogurt

1 cup frozen berries

Here’s the segment. Thanks again to Mornings with Fox 43 for inviting me to your kitchen!

Wimbledon Whites

As Wimbledon heats up across the pond, Mornings with Fox 43 invited me on this morning to talk about rocking the strictly white look. The idea of “Wimbledon Whites” stems from the club’s strict rules that players wear predominantly bright white on the court–no cream, no off white, and not more than 1 centimeter of trim in a single accent color. (Click here to read more about the fuss that Roger Federer’s red soles made a couple years ago. Scandolous!)

So watch below for a few of my ideas for both men & women on how to own this sporty style.