Style File: Elvis Presley

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

It all started rather innocently with a discussion on the merits of a casual shawl collar. But quickly, I found myself down a rabbit hole filled the bold style choices of Skinny Elvis. I mentioned this in a recent post so if you’ve been waiting to talk Elvis Presley’s style and menswear, today is your lucky day!

When Husband and I first met, we bonded over our shared love of music that wasn’t popular among most high schoolers. But, as time went on we discovered that we both had a childhood love for Elvis. It’s possible you knew this if you follow James on twitter…

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A few years ago, as a joke at Christmas, James’ dad brought over a life-size cutout of the king that now resides on our sun porch. I made Dexter pose with him just for this picture. (Reason #118 that a dog is superior to a toddler at this stage in my life.)

Dexter & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

So today, we’re going to talk about some of the king’s best style choices—the ones before the rhinestones and gold glasses.

First things first, if you learn nothing else from this post learn this: Stand up proudly behind your woman in a perfectly tailored jacket and know you’re killing it. Confidence is everything.

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

Southern boys (and stylish gentlemen) monogram, monogram, monogram.

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

If you’re going to play a miniature instrument of any kind, it is helpful to be wearing skin-tight short shorts at the time. (I’ve been trying to talk James into a pair of these ever since I saw this picture of 007 reading on a boat last week. Beach trip!)

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

When you’re not on a beach serenading your lady in short shorts, look snuggly. It is sweater weather: the perfect excuse to get your cuddle on.

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

If you don’t already have a lady, but you’re looking to pick one up: Pose with puppies. Also, can we talk about those shoes?

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

I am a fan, though I could do without the socks. I have this theory that Elvis was a shoe guy. Check out the booties in the picture below.

Also, should we even talk about the coordinating outfits? If they hook up at the end of the movie, does the hollywood ending consist of closets full of coordinating outfits?

Menswear & Elvis | Hannah & Husband

I really can’t think about this too much right now. Maybe we should just take a look at the jacket that spurred the whole conversation…

What are your thoughts on the casual shawl collar? Do or Don’t?

Hello, NYC!

Friday morning, we flew to NYC for the menswear show. Remember when we came to Mrket in January? This trip has been a lot of fun and oh-so busy! James will be working Mrket for the next few days, and I’ll be visiting it as well as a couple other shows while we’re in the city. I’ll blog a full report but here are a couple of shots I took yesterday before things were up & running.

This trip, I’m trying to pay more attention to the details. One way I’m doing that is: less pictures, more doodles. I’ve been thinking a lot about memory since I read this article in the NY Times about some performance art Oliver Jeffers has been doing. 

What we see as individuals is so interesting because it’s often different from what others see. What our brains remember is a totally different story that’s even more exclusive. Fascinating, right?

 But there’s one place k haven’t been able to resist the urge to take more than a few photos. We’ve gotten to take a couple of boat rides, including one that went all the way around Manhattan and right by Lady Liberty. Thus, the rad views in the photos below…


As i said on Instagram, we did pose for some photos, but somehow this felt more realistic 😉


 I love this city!

Derby Style

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

This morning, Husband and I were up early to talk Derby style with Knoxville’s Moira & Abby on Mornings with Fox 43. They are just the sweetest over there! You can watch the segment below but there are a couple things I wanted to show up close.

These lapel pins are easy DIY options for less than a dollar a piece. We simply used safety pins to attach them.

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

The Kentucky Derby is known as “the running of the roses,” so when I found this felt rose in the scrapbooking section of the craft store, I couldn’t resist. 

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

This is an old button we picked out from Nana’s button jar. Vintage buttons often have really cool insignias or regalia that are worth showing off.

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

Bags pictured are Patricia Nash

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

The Cubs patch and Fergie Jenkins’ signature couldn’t be seen on television so here’s a better shot.

Here’s the segment. Thanks for having us on Moira!

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Mrket Show and Menswear

Mrket 2015 | Hannah & Husband

Last week we traveled to NYC for the Mrket show, which is the show where buyers gather to see the offerings from different brands for the next season. At the end of last year, Husband started a job with a local manufacturer of custom suiting that is based here in Knoxville. We have absolutely fallen in love with the people that he works with, and he is enjoying the fact that he officially has an excuse to wear a suit everyday.

Below you’ll find a few snapshots of some of my favorites. My favorite thing about custom suits (aside from the fact that a man in a suit that fits properly is just drop dead sexy) are the details–a beautiful lining and a contrasting lapel hole just really do it for me.

John H. Daniel, Mrket 2015 | Hannah & HusbandJohn H. Daniel, Mrket 2015 | Hannah & Husband

John H. Daniel, Mrket 2015 | Hannah & Husband

These chambray pants are local designer Marc Nelson Denim. You can find them here.

It’s worth noting that while the custom offerings above are Spring, the majority of companies showed their Fall collections. That’s what you’ll see below.

Nikky, Mrket 2015 | Hannah & Husband

Men are so predictable. (Nikky)

The first thing that I got totally stoked about was the fact that we saw so many Southern companies! Well-dressed Southerners have a sort of easy-going glamour that is really starting to shine. To elaborate: mixing classic necessities, like the cummerbunds below, with bright patterns and colors can take an item normally seen as a bit stuffy to something fun with attitude.

High Cotton Ties, Mrket 2015 | Hannah & Husband

Southern belle that I am, I blushed to the point of having to walk away when I met James Hill, co-owner of High Cotton. We love their stuff–all  Southern made by the way! In fact, the weekend before, Husband had purchased three of their bow ties at a local shop here in East Tennessee.

Collared Greens, Mrket 2015 | Hannah & Husband

Collared Greens: You know I couldn’t resist the name! This American made brand is based in Richmond, Virginia and had a playful take on classic patterns that I dug.

Brooklyn Dry Goods, Mrket 2015 | Hannah & Husband

BKYLN Dry Goods had a couple rad displays to show their visual merchandising prowess, and I totally geeked out over the vintage DIY details. You know the sexiest men know how to work with their hands! (*wink*)

Tailor Vintage, Mrket 2015 | Hannah & Husband

Tailor Vintage caught my eye because they take really high quality old-school fabrics and break them in. So these styles really do look like you bought them vintage without the uncomfortable “How do I get the Grandpa smell out?” question. By the way: Vodka. The answer to that question is vodka.

Bulgarini, Mrket 2015 | Hannah & Husband

The fabrics from the Italian company Bulgarini made me swoon! (The accents at the booth weren’t bad either. Do you think that comes with the shirt?)

Mrket 2015 | Hannah & Husband

Seaward + Stearn London (left), Edward Armah (top right), Jose Real (bottom left) | Pattern. Bright Colors. Pattern. Bold Colors. Pattern. Trust me. #polkadots

London Sock Co., Mrket 2015 | Hannah & Husband

(More accents!) The houndstooth socks from London Sock Co. really caught my eye. (That was followed quickly by the designer in me adoring their logo.) Their socks are made with Scottish Lisle Thread Cotton (fancy!) and the cool designs come from partnerships with some rad London designers.

Hook & Albert, Mrket 2015 | Hannah & Husband

Hook & Albert came onto my radar when they teamed up with Alton Brown to make a line of beautiful bow ties and pocket squares. What caught my eye with their fall line, however, were the handmade lapel flowers! Aren’t they fun?

Lazyjack Press, Mrket 2015 | Hannah & Husband

Finally! Another female that loves men’s accessories and has a sense of humor. Lazyjack Press was started by Miriam Zelinsky and has playful patterns with tongue-in-cheek names. Above: “Chick Magnets” and “Blue Balls”

Shoes, Mrket 2015 | Hannah & Husband

Nikky (top left), Allen Edmonds (bottom left), Carlos Santos (right) | Finally, you’ve seen the bold accessories but bold shoes are also worth noting. My absolute favorites were the double monks by Carlos Santos.