Red is Your Color

Red is Your Color | Hannah & Husband

Illustration by Coby Whitmore for Good Housekeeping, 1958

The other day an older gentleman stopped me on my way into a shop and said, “Red is Your Color!” Well, here’s a little secret: red is everyone’s color. Shopping in New York a few weeks ago, I was shocked at the lack of color in the stores. Why is everything black, white, and grey in the wintertime? It is cold and dreary outside so throw some color in your closet. Find just the right shade of red for your scarf, lips, or jacket to make your features pop!

Red is Your Color | Hannah & Husband

I have recently been coveting these double monks from Peter Nappi, but alas they do not come in my size. Someone please order a pair so I may live vicariously! | Peter Nappi, PIERA DOUBLE MONK SHOE IN FIAMA

Holly Golightly may curse the “mean reds,” but in Chinese culture, and apparently some old wives’ tales, the color red is lucky and can ward off evil and sickness. I don’t know about all that, but in the middle of flu season, who really wants to risk it? I can tell you that a little red always lifts my spirits and stands out in the crowd. So today, I put together a little inspiration to help you ease into red or jump in full force. (“Go big or go home, right?”)

Red is Your Color | Hannah & Husband

If you’re a little timid, start with red as an accent color. Add a bright red lip with your favorite cardigan or red nails with that Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face look.

For the boys, I’d suggest bringing reds into the socks or tie. Although, for Spring, I’m a sucker for nantucket red chinos. But for the love of Pete, don’t wear them with leather thong sandals like the guy on is doing… For shame, BB. For shame.


The key is finding the “right” red. I’m an Autumn so the reds that look best on me often have orange undertones. If you’re wondering how to find the “right” red for you, I’d recommend a stop at Sephora. They carry so many different brands that they won’t make something fit just because it’s insert brand name here.

If you’re a guy, red is usually not right next to your face. Unless, of course, you’re wearing lipstick… in which case, see above. Otherwise, I’d suggest visiting a menswear shop and trying on several different shades to see what feels right.

So tell me, what’s your favorite color to wear when it’s dreary out?