The Platinum Blonde Commandments

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Before we get to The Platinum Blonde Commandments, here’s a joke that my mom used to tell when I was little…

She’d ask my dad, “Honey, will you love me when I’m old & grey?”

To which he’d reply, “Beth, I’ve loved you through 12 colors already.”

By the time I reached my mid-20s I’d been a number of colors myself. There was the sun-in phase at 15 and the stoplight red phase at 22. The latter was quickly followed by that time that I tried to go blonde from auburn and ended up looking like Lucille Ball. (Pro Tip: Going from fake red hair to fake blonde hair is lunacy.)

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But the week before my 28th birthday, I decided to try blonde. Platinum blonde to be exact. I decided that one should probably make any really crazy hair decisions before 30 and 28 was nearly 30 so if I completely botched the whole thing, then I could go pink and probably not be judged too harshly for it. (And yes, as I near 30, I’m recognizing the flaw in this theory.) So my lovely stylist friend and I set out on our mission. She lifted the color twice over the course of a few weeks, and there I was.

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I now truly can’t imagine myself going back, but it was considered several months ago. While I’d cut back on shampooing, I hadn’t really changed my hair routine, which was inadvertently causing a lot of damage. Luckily, around that time, I learned some tricks to keep my platinum ‘do in tip-top shape. So today, I present to you…

The Platinum Blonde Commandments

1. Thou Shalt Not Over Wash.

Lifting my hair to this extent really dried it out so I wash my hair every five to seven days. I’ve learned to embrace the messy with funky updos and boho style braids because letting my natural oils do their thing seems to be best.

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2. Thou Shalt Deep Condition.

This is THE BIG ONE. This is the one I didn’t know to do in the beginning. I have used a leave-in conditioner or oil from day one but deep conditioning treatments are what really bring my hair back to it’s natural texture and shine.

Color Theory, The Blonde Commandments, Hannah & Husband

3. Thou Shalt Practice Color Theory.

The question I get the most often is about the shade of my hair. I’m happiest when the blonde is white and violet so I was thrilled to learn this trick. The nature of fake blonde hair is to get brassy, orange & yellow tones. My friend Lynsey informed me that stylists use the color wheel all the time. To balance the brass, just use a purple shampoo!

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4. Thou Shalt Protect Thy Locks.

Here are a few things to remember:

Use a heat protectant every time you style. No exceptions! This means putting a spritz on before blow-drying, straightening, curling, or rolling.

If you’re going out for a day in the water, cover your hair with leave-in conditioner first. This acts as a little shield for your hair. Then, rinse thoroughly as soon as you get out of salt water or chlorine.

Finally, take extra precautions to protect your hair from the sun. I wear a lot of scarves and wide-brimmed hats in the summertime… and that’s not just because I’m Southern!

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