Sexy Skivvies

While some might consider January the very definition of sweatsuit season, I’d like to declare January the month of the sexy skivvies!*

*Skivvy: [Southern] referring to one’s unmentionables,
those garments worn that only just cover one’s birthday suit

I understand that January is hard. It is gray. It is cold. It is rainy. Perhaps you too want to spend the entire month either in a hot bath or wrapped up in an ugly, oversized, wool sweater. But, let┬áme propose a little something that can help your case of the Januarys (as well as your mate’s): ridiculously sexy underwear.

Sure you may still be bundled in that oversize, wool sweater but underneath you will be a serious case of hotness strutting your stuff. There’s just something about embracing your inner sex kitten that is empowering. And knowing that all that pretty is underneath that oversize sweater will make doing household chores feel less┬ámaid of the mansion and more goddess of your domain.