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One might assume that those of us who actually reside in the South would not be able to see the humor in our chaotic reactions to seeing white stuff falling from the sky. They would be wrong. My friend Kelly sent this clip to me yesterday (as a second storm was hitting the South), and I have laughed my head off with each viewing of this SNL sketch starring Southern gentleman Buford  Calloway.




I finally got deep enough in my reading list to get to Michael Hainey’s “After Visiting Friends”. Mr. Hainey writes about his journey to find the truth about his father’s death. A touching book, it jumps from the facts he uncovers to the scenarios he imagines to have occurred. Battling against misinformation and downright stonewalling, Mr. Hainey finally uncovers what so many have been trying to protect him from. This book is about relationships, those present and those obviously absent. I don’t know why I waited so long to read it.


We’ve been watching a ton of documentaries lately, but one stood out: “Beauty is Embassing”. It’s the story of Wayne White. From PeeWee’s Playhouse to the Smashing Pumpkins, you know his work. However, his views on the purpose of art may be new to you, and they are worth a listen.

It’s available on Netflix or you can click here to rent it on Amazon Instant.¬†Watch the trailer…

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