What a Week, Huh?

Lemon, It's Wednesday | Hannah & Husband

You guys, this week is a little crazy. There are Rivermont projects in the works, we are both busy at work, I turn 30 tomorrow (THIRTY!), and last night our fav newslady profiled us. You can watch the clip below. (disclaimer: I’m mainly posting this for my parents who don’t live here in town… Hi, Mom! Hi!!!)

Hello! & salutations to the new readers who I’ve noticed popping up on our Facebook page & instagram. Today, I thought it would be fun to share eight random facts to break the ice.

1. In seventh grade, James was voted best dressed. He was wearing an Elvis costume.

2. When Hannah was 5, she wanted to marry Johnny Carson.

3. When we first started dating, we bonded over old-school jazz like Ella Fitzgerald. (Read about My Love Affair with Ella here.)

4. We love road trips. (Click here to see the pics from our trip to Middleton Place, an old plantation in Charleston, South Carolina.) 

5. We shop vintage. (Click here to learn Husband’s trick for getting the goodwill smell our of thrifted suits. Click here to see what I did with Nana’s button collection.)

6. We drive old cars. (Like this one and this one.)

7. You’ll want this recipe for Woo-Woo’s sugar cookies.

8. And, finally, (because I’ve been asked several times this week) here’s how I do my hair.

So glad to make your acquaintance! We’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

Mornings with Fox 43

Yesterday, we were thrilled to be on Mornings with Fox 43! We’ve always loved the team over at WBIR so it was so much fun to chat with Abby and Moira. We talked about everything from money to household chores! Here’s the clip…