Peach Pancakes & Peach Berry Smoothie

This morning I was up bright and early to hang out with one of my favorite gals, Abby Ham. We made peach pancakes and peach berry smoothies on Mornings with Fox 43. The peaches came in more of an avalanche than a steady stream this year because of all the rain we’ve had, so we’ve literally just been throwing peaches in everything to not waste any!

Peach Pancakes and Peach Berry on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

I mentioned these peach pancakes in last week’s post, but in the video below you’ll get a couple tricks for whipping up perfect pancakes of your own. Also, if you’re curious, we love Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Pancake Mix–whole grain and hearty.

For the Peach Berry Smoothies, we mix this recipe up all the time based on what’s in season. (By “we,” I obviously mean Husband who actually makes this in the morning while yours truly is still doing her pre-coffee stagger.) In the middle of winter, we use all frozen fruits and more juice. In the summer and fall, we use whatever fruit is in season and less juice because the non-frozen fruit holds more water. While we like the punch of protein, the non-fat Greek yogurt is not necessary for this smoothie to be tasty. Here’s the breakdown of the recipe I made on air:

Peach Berry Smoothie

3/4 cup juice (We like these Tropicana Farmstand blends.)

1 peach, pitted and sliced

1 scoop non-fat Greek yogurt

1 cup frozen berries

Here’s the segment. Thanks again to Mornings with Fox 43 for inviting me to your kitchen!

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