Birthday Cake Candle Alternatives

Birthday Cake Candle Alternatives | Hannah & Husband

Today happens to be the birthday of one handsome husband! He shares the day with our favorite local TV personality, Abby Ham. So today I was up bright and early to talk birthday cakes with Abby on Mornings with Fox 43. Yesterday, I took a little poll via social media to find out what people would most like to learn and the winner (hands-down) was birthday cake candle alternatives. So here are 4 fun ways to decorate a birthday cake, no candles required!

Birthday Cake Candle Alternatives | Hannah & Husband Birthday Cake Candle Alternatives | Hannah & Husband Birthday Cake Candle Alternatives | Hannah & Husband Birthday Cake Candle Alternatives | Hannah & Husband

Halloween Candy: Little Ghosts

Looking for another alternative to those expensive bags of store-bought candy? This one is simple and yummy! I first saw these little guys on pinterest, and I just had to try them. I used the large pretzel sticks, one and a quarter cup white chocolate chips and 2 teaspoons shortening. I slowly (slow is key) melted the chocolate, adding the shortening a little bit at a time. (The shortening is what thins the chocolate enough to dip the pretzels smoothly.) After letting the chocolate cool and set, it’s time to add the faces. I used black icing but on pinterest I saw that you could use mini chocolate chips if you’d like.

I also found it super fun to package these little guys. For a party, I used a little mason jar, fruit netting and twine. Then, for a couple of friends, craft paper and orange yarn.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Although, I should probably warn you there is one serious side effect of this craft. I will be singing this song all weekend…

I miss the White Stripes. [ sadface ]

Halloween Candy: Cookies

Who said you don’t get presents at Halloween? Here you go, my gift to you…

These cookies are going to make you friends.

There, I said it.

I hate to go all Dale Carnegie on you first thing on a Saturday morning, but if you really want to ‘win friends and influence people,’ you’d better learn to bake. And if you can bake cookies like these, you may never be lonely again.

…Unless, of course, you choose to bake them and then eat them alone watching Addams Family reruns, which I happen to think would be quite festive of you. Que sera…

The recipe can be found on Joy Cho’s blog by clicking here. 

Now here’s what I do…

I bake the cookies following the recipe on Joy’s blog and then separate them into 2 groups.

On one group goes melted white chocolate.

On the other group goes a mixture of peanut butter with just a little powdered sugar to give it more body.

Finally, I put a marshmallow on the ones with white chocolate and stick them in a warm oven to soften up.

Squish the little sandwiches together and there you have it! I believe Joy said she’d also tried salted caramel with it, which I have not. However, I can assure you, no matter how you make them, they’re sure to be a hit!