Sheet Music Garland

Sheet Music Garland | Hannah & Husband

Husband and I are both musicians (for example…) so over the years we have acquired a lot of sheet music. While I absolutely adore old sheet music, some have unfortunately been tattered beyond repair. So, in those instances, I say “Repurpose!” As you can see, last week I made this sheet music garland to hang above our archway. (Incidentally, I made too much and it now encircles most of our front room too!)

Sheet Music Garland | Hannah & Husband

It was super easy. I simply trimmed off the tattered edges of the music using a metal straight edge and an xacto knife. Then, I cut the music into 114 inch strips and used a stapler to connect the circles.

Sheet Music Garland | Hannah & Husband

Bonus: Because it’s not straight up jingle-linging, it will probably stay up through the winter.

The Sewing Party

This Saturday, November 8th, fellow Made + Remader Lish Dorset and I are stoked to be apart of the first ever online all-day DIY event in history: The Sewing Party! It is the perfect time of year to settle down for the cold winter months and brush up on your domestic goddess skillz. (Yes, I said skillz.) Plus, who doesn’t like to make new internet friends, right?

There’s something for every skill level, so even if you’re just dipping your toes in there’s something for you. Registration is $40 for the chats and 30+ classes. (For those that need repetition to learn a new skill, the class access lasts for 90 days.) And bonus: Lish and I will be hosting live-chats in The Sewing Party Lounge. Here are the deetz

12 – 1 pm*: Lish Dorset will be Busting Scrap and Stash – Put your stash of fabric and scraps to work!

1 – 2 pm: Lish will help you Re-energize Your Sewing with inspirational tips and guidance for finding that next amazing project.

2 – 3 pm: Hannah Slaughter will be discussing ideas to Repurpose Your Relics.

* Times are EST.

Click here to get the full schedule of classes and chats.

The Sewing Party

Here are a few of the classes I’ll be checking out:

Bra Making with Madalynne

Becoming an Etsy Entrepreneur with Etsy’s Graham Ashcraft

10 Patternmaking Skills Every Fashion Forward Sewer Needs to Know with Denise Wild

Sewing Machine Basics with Singer’s own Becky Hanson

If you plan on attending, RSVP to the party, and then hit me up on Twitter with #TheSewingParty.


Tales of a Crafty Hoarder

Words from Husband tonight: “I threw out three jars the other day, but I didn’t tell you. But I love you, and you didn’t miss them.” Le sigh.

Hello, my name is Hannah,
and I am a crafty (find better word for “hoarder”)

My favorite thing to hoard of late? Jars. No, I don’t know why. There’s the giant button jar

Confessions of a Crafty Hoarder | Hannah & Husband

The jars from the Made + Remade mantle I did for Joann at Christmas…

Confessions of a Crafty Hoarder | Hannah & Husband

The jars from our pantry redo–although, I completely blame Husband for those. And the other night, I threw together a cute little candle holder with a jam jar, a handful of grits and some washi tape.

Confessions of a Crafty Hoarder | Hannah & Husband

Note: Cute succulent washi tape was a gift. It’s part of a new line by Smarty Pants Paper Co. that I’m currently obsessed with.

It’s not always jars though. I go through phases. At one point is was felt. Then, it was old clothes. I have an odd assortment of fuzzy mini pom-poms for no particular reason. And this past Christmas I noticed myself repeatedly buying tinsel for some reason… (I really like things that sparkle!)

But I suppose the real problem comes when remnants from each phase stick around and have to be organized into some semblance of order in my studio.

Confessions of a Crafty Hoarder | Hannah & Husband

Around the holidays I posted this Instagram of a drawer in my studio just to see if anyone else had this problem. Newsflash:

My favorite people also hoard craft supplies.

Let’s face it: crafty hoarders are totally the ones you want around in a crisis.
Need a last minute party thrown? Call a crafty hoarder.
Outgrown your outfit for the pride parade and need more sequins? Call a crafty hoarder.
Want a monogram put on that cute new sweater set? Call a crafty hoarder.
Don’t have any mini dinosaurs to put in your terrarium? Call a crafty hoarder.

So, in the comments below, tell us…

What do you hoard?




Heart Hair Clip

As you know, I’ve been on a bit of a hair accessory kick lately. I love the sparkly baubles to put in my hair, but I really hate paying much for them. A few weeks ago, I showed you this Vintage Button Hair Bauble I made from some of Nana’s button collection. Today, I thought I’d show you how I made this sequined heart.

Heart Hair Bling | Hannah & Husband

For this, I just layered sequins onto a piece of wool felt one night while watching Pitch Perfect. (Seriously, how much do you adore that movie?)

Tip: Use real wool felt. It’s heftier than the cheaper synthetic stuff and will keep its shape.

Heart Hair Bling | Hannah & Husband

As you can see, this time I used a piece of paper to try to prop the clip open against the hot glue. While it did the trick or helping me not glue the clip shut, it left behind some paper. So not only does it look terrible; it also makes the piece harder to take in and out.

After experimenting a bit more, I’d just recommend holding the clip open. The glue doesn’t take very long to dry.

Heart Hair Bling | Hannah & Husband

After the last hair post, I got several questions (on the post and via social media) about how I do my hair. I’ll post a video of that soon!

Coaster Set How-To

Dear Spring,

Where are you?! Yes, I know we were sipping cocktails on the porch yesterday, and (at the moment) the sun is shining. But, the weatherman says it’s supposed to be 20° on Wednesday, and so I implore you: why do you insist on being such a fickle lady?

Le sigh.

So while Spring is being a bit too elusive outside, I’ve decided to Spring-up the inside, which includes adding yellow to as many things as possible this week in hopes of coaxing the sunshine to come our way.

Coaster Set How-To | Hannah & Husband

First up: these cute coasters…

Coaster Set How-To | Hannah & Husband

With a t-square I marked 4×4 inch squares on a 12×12 cork board. (You can find these at the craft store and they’re usually sold in 2-4 packs.)

Coaster Set How-To | Hannah & Husband

Then, with a craft knife, I cut out the squares.

Coaster Set How-To | Hannah & Husband

Next came the fun part. Using painters tape of different sizes, I marked out various patterns on the cork squares.

On a related note: I have gotten addicted to this Martha Stewart Patterning Tape. I originally used it to customize the tea cups for the HGTV Handmade shoot last fall and have found numerous uses since then.

Coaster Set How-To | Hannah & Husband

2 coats of spray paint…

Coaster Set How-To | Hannah & Husband

Allowing them to dry completely between coats and before removing tape, of course.

Coaster Set How-To | Hannah & Husband



Vintage Button Hair Bauble

Vintage Button Hair Bobble How-To | Hannah & Husband

When I was little, I would spend afternoons sorting through my mom’s old button collection while she sewed. So when I inherited Husband’s beautiful Nana’s vintage collection, it was like getting a jar full of gold! Since then, I’ve been trying to figure out ways to incorporate these little treasures into my everyday style. My latest idea: hair baubles! Here’s how you can make your own.


Vintage Button Hair Bobble How-To | Hannah & Husband

First things first: Gather your materials.

  • 2 identically cut pieces of felt
  • a hair clip (you can get these from any craft store or beauty supply)
  • needle
  • thread
  • vintage buttons
  • a glue gun

Vintage Button Hair Bobble How-To | Hannah & Husband

I started by sewing buttons onto the green piece of felt that I didn’t mind showing up a little behind them. Start with the biggest ones and then fill in with smaller buttons, beads, and pearls.

Vintage Button Hair Bobble How-To | Hannah & Husband

Vintage Button Hair Bobble How-To | Hannah & HusbandNext I sewed the navy piece of felt onto the back to keep all those knots from showing.

I could have sewed the hair clip on the navy piece before doing sewing the two together, but I chose to just hot glue it on. In retrospect, sewing probably would’ve made for a prettier back.






Making My Own Stationery

make your own stationery, supplies

As I’ve said before, I really love mail. Sending mail. Getting mail. I love it all. So a few weeks ago, when I ran out of stationery, I decided to make something a little more personal than just buying it at a shop like I usually do. Here’s what I did.

First, I went to the craft store and bought 2 sets of blank stationery–one craft and one white. They come in large packs so there will be plenty to experiment with. Next, I took apart one of the envelopes, and used the inside to make a template from cardboard with my ruler and an X-acto. Use the one solid side (where the address goes) and cut just under the glue of the flap.

Next, I traced the template on the random scrap papers I’d collected and cut it out with scissors.

make your own stationery, envelope liner

make your own stationery, envelope liner step 2

After placing the new liner inside the envelope and straightening it, I gently folded the flap down. Finally, I used a glue stick to attach the new liner to the inside of the top. You don’t have to worry about gluing the bottom half because it will stay in place by itself.

make your own stationery

Finally, after lining all of the envelopes, I decorated the cards with stamps and scraps.

make your own stationery

And voila! My new stationery…

make your own stationery

Now, to the writing…

The Belle Elsewhere


Yesterday, I got to share a little holiday How-To over on Inspire Me Grey. Click on over to see how easy it is to make this little mistletoe of your own… perfect for hanging, for wrapping gifts, or as a hostess gift!

Our Christmas Gallery Wall

picture collage display close-up

Confession: We bought our 1st house 6 years ago and, until recently, had virtually nothing hanging on the walls. I don’t know why. I love interior design, but when it comes to our own home, it’s been so much harder to get things done. I think it’s the perfectionist in me that is nervous things won’t turn out perfectly. But recently I made a goal to stop putting things off. So this weekend, I bit the bullet and put up the frames that had been sitting on my desk for over a year. I still haven’t decided just what photos to put in them (we hardly ever print any out) so in the meantime, I’ve made this Christmas gallery wall. It turned out to be a lot easier than I’d expected.


Step 1: I cut a piece of butcher paper to the size of the space where I wanted to hang the pictures.

Step 2: I laid out all the frames out in a random way and moved them around until they were just right. Then, I used a ruler to make sure things lined up correctly.

*Tip: Get 2 different sizes of frames to mix it up a bit. I had 6 5×7 frames and 8 4×6 frames. 

Step 3: I traced the frames onto the butcher paper and then made a dot 1/4 inch into the box where the nail would need to be.

Step 4: Hang the butcher paper in place with masking or painter’s tape. Then, place the nails where you put the dots. After that, you can just gently remove the paper and leave the nails behind.

scraps collage frame

Step 5: I gathered a bunch of Christmas-y images from magazines, cards, wrapping paper, and old books. Then, I cut them to size using the glass of the frame and the XActo. I used a single image for some and for a few I made collages.

Step 6: Finally, I put the frames back together with the artwork inside and hung them on the wall.

picture collage display

What do you think? Do you ever hang seasonal artwork in your home?

Presenting: The 1st Ever How-To from Bestie Matt

This morning I am super excited to introduce you to my best friend, Matt. Not only did he decorate a cubicle junior year like a boss and sing all the words to every Disney movie made between 1987 & 1995 with me while we were in college, he also happens to be one of the craftiest people you will ever meet in real life. So, needless to say, I was super excited when he called to tell me about this How-To he’d put together for us. It is a super cute project that can translate any time of year. So without further ado, meet Bestie Matt…

Fewer things go together like southern belles and mason jars. But southern belles and mason jars *covered in glitter* would be a match made in the Heaven all southern belle’s hair strives to reach. When I was brainstorming for an idea, I thought, “What is more southern than a mason jar?” The next question was, “How do I ensure my front door doesn’t look like a recycling bin?” Welcome glitter to the situation.

What You’ll Need:
Jar Lids

Drill or Metal Punch
Office Brad
Hot Glue Gun

The first step was to lay out how I wanted the wreath to look. This should be a close approximation. I ended up using a few less lids than I originally thought as I began connecting the lids together.

Next, select the colors of glitter that you want to use. I chose colors of fall. I glittered a few of each color.

Next, I laid out the colors in a pattern that I liked. Once you lay them out, mark each one with a black dot where the connection point between the lids will be.

Either using a drill or a metal punch, make a hole in the lid where the connection will be made. After the hole is created, place the insert back into the rim of the lid. I used a dab of hot glue to hold it together.

Using an office brad, connect the two together. To ensure a tight connection, put some hot glue on the open end of the brad. The more connections you make, the more sturdy the wreath will be.

The last touch is to add a bow to the front and you have a festive and southern touch to your decor!