What is a CSA?

This time of year, we get asked the same question a lot: “What is a CSA?” So today, I made a little video to tell you all about it.

Just a little more info:

If you are in East Tennessee and are interested in a CSA, Mountain Meadows still has a few slots left for their Summer CSA. You can pay online, and there are a slew of pick-up locations.

The website I mentioned to find a CSA or farmers market near you is localharvest.org

What’s your favorite way to #eatlocal?
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Talking Strawberries on Mornings with Fox 43

Talking Strawberries on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

This morning, I was up bright & early talking strawberries with Moira & Abby on Mornings with Fox 43. I’ve been doing “pretend cooking segments” since I was about two years old so it was crazy exciting to do one in real life! And I learned a lot for next time. You can watch the segment below.

Derby Style

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

This morning, Husband and I were up early to talk Derby style with Knoxville’s Moira & Abby on Mornings with Fox 43. They are just the sweetest over there! You can watch the segment below but there are a couple things I wanted to show up close.

These lapel pins are easy DIY options for less than a dollar a piece. We simply used safety pins to attach them.

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

The Kentucky Derby is known as “the running of the roses,” so when I found this felt rose in the scrapbooking section of the craft store, I couldn’t resist. 

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

This is an old button we picked out from Nana’s button jar. Vintage buttons often have really cool insignias or regalia that are worth showing off.

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

Bags pictured are Patricia Nash

Derby Style on Mornings with Fox 43 | Hannah & Husband

The Cubs patch and Fergie Jenkins’ signature couldn’t be seen on television so here’s a better shot.

Here’s the segment. Thanks for having us on Moira!

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Mornings with Fox 43

Yesterday, we were thrilled to be on Mornings with Fox 43! We’ve always loved the team over at WBIR so it was so much fun to chat with Abby and Moira. We talked about everything from money to household chores! Here’s the clip…

Wine and Beer Glasses with HGTV

Wine & Beer Videos for HGTV | Hannah B. Design

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been working with HGTV to make a series of illustrated videos that teach basic concepts like what wine glass to use and how to pick the perfect rug. I’ve posted some behind-the-scenes pics on Instagram but today I can post the first two videos!

Fabulous voice-overs by Deanne Revel.

Click here to see more Design 101 on HGTV.com

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DIY Cleaning Recipes

Made + Remade On Location | Hannah & Husband

The Made + Remade crew (& Peter from the Scripps video team) plotting out the awesome. Clockwise from Peter: Michele, Emily, Ellen, and Kelly

Do you remember a few months ago when the Made + Remade crew headed to Asheville? Well, we can finally share the videos we were creating! My series was all about DIY cleaning recipes for everything from homemade dishwasher pellets to nifty ways to remove stains from your carpet.

Above, you’ll find a link to the DIY Cleaning Recipes playlist. You can also click here to watch Ellen’s “Essential Knots to Know” videos or click here to see Emily’s videos on “How to Fold Anything.”

Please take a sec to watch a video or two on YouTube and comment to let us know what you think!

For more great DIY projects, check out the Made + Remade blog on diynetwork.com