An Easy Garland How-To

As I mentioned on Friday, every house should have a handmade garland this time of year when we are all forced to spend a bit more time indoors. It just makes walking in the door on those chilly, dreary days a bit more festive. So I thought I would share the one that I made for our home this week. It’s hanging in our living room and, I must admit, I want one there all the time now.

What You’ll Need…
РI am 100% obsessed with my Martha Stewart circle cutter and love finding any excuse to use it. (However, scissors with a traced, round object would also work but may take a little longer.)
– Scissors
– Bone Folder
– Decorative Paper or Wrapping Paper
– Glue Stick
– Yarn

1.) Measure the space where you’d like to hang the garland and cut a length of yarn accordingly.

2.) Cut out circles. I used 4 inch circles and cut out about 40. I ended up having some extra, but I’m the type that would always rather have too many rather than going back to cut out more.

folding circles

3.) Fold your circles in half, and use a bone folder to make a smooth crease.

Add glue and yarn in crease

4.) Put glue on one half of the circle and lay your yarn right in the crease.

fold paper over yarn and itself

5.) Fold the circle over the yarn on to itself. Use a bone folder to smooth out any wrinkles.

hanging garland, flower

6.) When the garland is done, you may want to make something that will cover the place where you attach the garland to the wall. In this case, I made a few flowers out of that craft paper with slits that many places use as a shipping material now.

Hang and voila!


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