Rivermont When We Bought Her

Rivermont When We Bought It | Hannah & HusbandToday, we want to share some pictures with you of Rivermont when we bought her. The first time we walked through, I believe the only thing I photographed was a doorknob (seen here). We were both so overwhelmed by the house. She has quite the presence, and this is only a smattering of rooms. In fact, my favorite rooms aren’t included. We’ll look at those at another time!

Rivermont When We Bought It | Hannah & Husband

Rivermont When We Bought It | Hannah & Husband

We are pretty in love with the green, which is good… because it’s everywhere!

Rivermont When We Bought It | Hannah & Husband

Rivermont When We Bought It | Hannah & Husband

Rivermont When We Bought It | Hannah & Husband

2 words: China Closet. I will post a detail of this wallpaper on instagram, but it is amazing! It’s yellow with gold (dare I say glitter?) and practically perfect in every way.

Rivermont When We Bought It | Hannah & Husband

The kitchen needs some love, and I don’t really want to talk about the brown sinks. (Was that really a thing in the 80s?) As I’ve mentioned, the only room I miss from our Nobel Street home is the kitchen. But I made Husband take a picture of me hugging our old fridge before we moved out–so there’s that.

Rivermont When We Bought It | Hannah & HusbandRivermont When We Bought It | Hannah & HusbandRivermont When We Bought It | Hannah & Husband

Rivermont When We Bought It | Hannah & Husband

These are not my favorite bedrooms, but you can see the wood floors and the beautiful built-ins. So. Many. Built-ins!

Rivermont When We Bought It | Hannah & Husband

Worth noting: There’s a bell in the top of that building on the right that guests ring when they arrive. It’s one of my new favorite things!

Isn’t she grand? I can’t wait to share the history and some of the stories we’ve learned. More to come soon!

The Summer of Yes

For us, this summer has been the season of saying, “Yes!” In the past week we closed on our new house, took a trip to the beach with my in-laws, moved into the new house, and spent an afternoon in Virginia partying with the prettiest bride I ever did see. When asked last week about our crazy schedule, I just had to reply, “Life’s short! Who wants to miss out on anything?” So, if you’ll humor me, I must share a few pictures.

Teal on Closing Day | Hannah & Husband

This is a selfie in our new living room a few hours after closing. We can’t brag enough on our real estate agent, who I’ll talk about more later this week. At closing, she brought us a bottle of champagne with a teal bow to match our new living room.

Teal Mantle | Hannah & Husband

Aqua Hat  | Hannah & Husband

The next day, we drove to the beach, and I bought a new hat. It was at that moment, that I started to sense I may have a teal/aqua addiction. Are there groups for this sort of thing?

Eastern Lake, Santa Rosa, FL  | Hannah & Husband

Seaside Cocktails  | Hannah & Husband

Beach Beard + Turban  | Hannah & Husband

While at the beach, James grew a beach beard and I wore a lot of turbans (please see The Platinum Blonde Commandments for reference). I’m posting this picture to remind you that you’re not the only one who looks a little wacky on vacation.

rainy moving day  | Hannah & Husband

Back in Tennessee on Thursday: moving day. And the rain came. At points, it came down Noah style.

clothing on the moving truck | Hannah & Husband

Wedding Selfie  | Hannah & Husband

Friday, we cleaned up and drove to Virginia for a wedding. I have to tell you, it was the most stylish wedding we’ve ever been to! I sense a summer wedding style post in the near future.

Hannah & Julie  | Hannah & Husband

Here is the beautiful MRS! Julie and I were best friends in elementary school and had summer camps every year til we graduated. It was such a special treat to be able to share her big day!

Jon & James  | Hannah & Husband

Naturally, the MRs needed a picture too!

Unpacking  | Hannah & Husband

And then we came home to unpacking. We are officially moved out of ye olde house on Nobel Street where we spent the last 9 years. But I must tell you, the family that bought it was so wonderful that saying goodbye wasn’t really that hard.

On to the next adventure!

The Boxes Are Winning

The Boxes Are Winning | Hannah & Husband

There is a scene in the 3rd season of West Wing where Donna is looking through boxes and talking a little crazy. I have assumed throughout the process that eventually this day would come and this weekend–packing, thinking about our crazy schedule over the next two months–I got very close to this point. The boxes are winning. They are taking over every inch of our house.

We’ve been able to take our time packing (quite the luxury), and WE CLOSE ON FRIDAY! So it’s probably time to get this blog back on schedule, right? I’m currently working on a couple posts about finding a house and a realtor as well as some non-move-related summery things. But right now, I’m going to go back to the Beach Boys and my day job. Talk soon!


The 10 Stages of Moving to a New Place

Moving is a cold, cruel lover. I know more about contracts now. I have a better grasp on the power of social media than ever before. And, most surprising to me, I can tell you exactly how a septic system works. (*Knowledge is power, y’all!) So for those of you that have never experienced this little tango for yourselves, today I present to you: The 10 Stages of a Moving to a New Place.

You find the perfect house.


You make the decision to rent/buy/lease the perfect space.


You put in an offer.



You play it super cool.


You wait.


And you wait.

Stages of Moving | Hannah & Husband

There are negotiations.

Your offer is accepted.


You start packing.


You move.

The 10 Stages of Moving | Hannah & Husband