The 10 Stages of Moving to a New Place

Moving is a cold, cruel lover. I know more about contracts now. I have a better grasp on the power of social media than ever before. And, most surprising to me, I can tell you exactly how a septic system works. (*Knowledge is power, y’all!) So for those of you that have never experienced this little tango for yourselves, today I present to you: The 10 Stages of a Moving to a New Place.

You find the perfect house.


You make the decision to rent/buy/lease the perfect space.


You put in an offer.



You play it super cool.


You wait.


And you wait.

Stages of Moving | Hannah & Husband

There are negotiations.

Your offer is accepted.


You start packing.


You move.

The 10 Stages of Moving | Hannah & Husband

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One thought on “The 10 Stages of Moving to a New Place

  1. The 11th stage is when you are rummaging through your basement one day and realize there are a couple of boxes you never got around to unpacking when you moved in . . . . . . eighteen years ago.

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