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Good morning! Happy Friday! Per the usual, here are a few of my favorite (& very random) TGIF! links from around the interwebs. Enjoy!

In less than two weeks, we have found our next house, listed our current house, sold our current house to the *cutest* family, and bought our next home. Whoo! So I’ve basically been watching this clip on repeat everyday this week.

While we’re in the Parks & Rec realm, have you taken this Buzzfeed quiz yet?

Kanye West or Jean-Ralphio Saperstein

Completely changing topics (remember I said “random”?), The New York Times was killing it this week. My picks ranged from 10 artists drawing their childhood pets to Angelina Jolie’s op-ed treatise on women educating themselves and taking control of their bodies (Amen!). But the one that gave me a “You go, girl!” moment that I can’t stop thinking about was Vanessa Friedman’s “For Michelle Obama, Girlie Clothes That Lean In.” Sometimes clothes speak louder than words, y’all!

Michelle Obama in Kenzo stepping off the plane in Japan to begin her Let Girls Learn tour.

“You can dress like a girl and dream about getting a Ph.D. (or a law degree, if we are being picayune), too.” Whoo!

Which brings me to possibly my favorite pick of the week: Evan Rachel Would.

The video is actually part of an ad campaign for the Portland based clothing company Wildfang. Wouldn’t you love to meet their marketing director? Or more accurately, whomever wrote this line:

Evan Rachel Would, Wildfang Clothing

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to listen to 4 Non-Blondes for the rest of the day because: Beth Ditto.

Oh! Before I go a quick PSA: Third Rock from the Sun is now on Netflix, and I’ll just go ahead and say it: Jane Curtain and John Lithgow are national treasures. That is all.

 Happy Friday!

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  1. This is my first time on your site and I must say I love it!! I am anxious to she the rehab of that great old house. I am also a major fan of yard sales and “vintage” shopping. Have a wonderful day.

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