Morning Ritual: Illustrated

They say that things in the South move at a slower pace. That we tend to take things as they come and appreciate the moment we are in, be it sitting on the front porch sipping tea or having Sunday lunch with the family.

However, I have a tendency to contradict this on a regular basis, which is one of the reasons Husband is so good for me. He regularly reminds me to slow down and breathe. To appreciate the moment we are living. And, to appreciate the processes that bring about the things that we love. The latest of these things? Coffee.

In February, one of our Valentine’s Day gifts was a coffee grinder you turn by hand and a French press.Β It has transformed our mornings.

Morning Ritual Illustrated | Secrets of a Belle

Morning Ritual Illustrated | Secrets of a Belle

Morning Ritual Illustrated | Secrets of a Belle

What is a daily ritual you love?


5 thoughts on “Morning Ritual: Illustrated

  1. Hannah-Beth Belle, please ask HUSBAND to get me a coffee grinder too (I’m looking at you, JAS). I love that idea. I do indeed have a French press and love the everlivin’ fool out of that thing. What great illustrations!

    I too love the slow-moving South. It is my land of milk and honey.

    I think social media is one of the biggest and worst offenders for me. It’s nice to unplug and just sit outside on the porch and do nothing but whistle through my teeth and pet the bulldog.

    I love this post. Best to my buds in Knoxville!

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