Morning Ritual: Illustrated

They say that things in the South move at a slower pace. That we tend to take things as they come and appreciate the moment we are in, be it sitting on the front porch sipping tea or having Sunday […]

How to Carve a Turkey by Duncan Hines

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for vintage, and one of the things I love to find are food pamphlets and small paperback cookbooks from the 1940s and 50s. These little treasures not only offer an array of recipes, but […]

Do you meditate?

Yes, yes. I know I promised a report from High Point, but we are saving that for a couple days because, quite frankly, my brain needs to calm down. And while we’re on the topic of calming the brain, I’m […]


Between Winterpocalypseicysnowmageddon and whatever was up with my brain yesterday, I am happy to say “TGIF!” Here are some rad links from around the internet. Grace Coddington is on Instagram, and she did a doodle of Peter Copping after his […]

Surviving a Stressful Day at Work

How do you know if you need tips for surviving a stressful day at work? Well, if you’re not a trust fund baby and you’re not reading this blog post from your yacht, I’m guessing you may have had a stressful […]

The Morning After

Last night, we threw a little dinner party for a few friends–fried chicken, classic summer-in-the-South fare straight from the garden, cocktails, espresso. Sparkling conversation with good food is the perfect way to spend a Wednesday, don’t you think? Then, after […]

Curing Cabin Fever: Make Some Hot Tea

If you have a case of cabin fever, might I suggest a spot of tea? As I’ve mentioned before, Husband & I try to make an effort to incorporate processes into our lives that have a little ceremony–a little time to […]

Introducing Hannah & Husband

As you may have noticed if you follow us elsewhere (maybe here or here), Husband & I have had quite the busy Fall thus far. In the midst of parties, photo shoots, and building projects, we decided to take on […]

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Connecting Through Food & My Favorite Brownie Recipe

I consider myself very blessed. I have always loved to cook. My very first memory is of learning to dredge chicken for frying while standing on a chair at my Nanny’s house. Before I was 5, I would put on […]

Debra Shriver: Take It With You

Let me start by telling you about an afternoon in late summer that I spent reading in Central Park. I sat down on a park bench next to The Met, the different languages of the passing park guests were like […]