Good morning! You’ve made it to Friday–in just a few short hours you’ll be lying on the couch avoiding all those household chores you put off til the weekend. But first, a few TGIF! links to peruse.

Mean Girls wearing pink.

Small disclaimer: It really bothers me that people assign colors gender. I’ve never understood why less than a century ago, pink became assigned to girls and blue now belongs to boys. And I am forever indebted to my mother for painting my nursery yellow! That said, Racked had a feature recently called “How Pink Became a Color for Girls,” and it was really interesting!

Abraham Lincoln before his beard and his presidency.

Proof that girls have always run the world. (cue Beyonce) In 1860, as Abraham Lincoln was running for president, he received a letter from young Grace Bedell asking him to grow a beard. His reply is ever-so sweet, and he actually asked to meet her when he rolled through town on his inaugural train journey to DC. Read the story here. 

And while we’re on that subject: I’m just gonna leave this here. 

Reddit: Hillary Clinton Pantsuit Rainbow

The rainbow was created by this reddit user a year ago, and it’s basically my favorite thing right now.

Design*Sponge’s Grace Bonney recently sat down with Marie Forleo to talk about “Doing The Work You Were Born To Do.” I really enjoyed their discussion. (You can check out more Marie Forleo vids–they’re great!–on her YouTube channel.)

This needs no introduction. Just enjoy! (“We love you, Uncle Jesse!”)

Finally: My day job is working as a designer for HGTV and DIY Network. At the end of last week, we wrapped up a project months in the making: the new! Watch a little intro below and then be sure to check out the new site!


Excuses. Excuses.

View More:

Photo from our shoot with Leah Bullard Photography… note the bench.

I’ve been a bit MIA lately, but with very good reason. I’ve been working on several projects and while some are still secret, I thought I’d share the few that I can! I’m proud to announce, you can now view my work and the things that I make at


I’ve also been busy blogging over at Made + Remade. You can check out the new $5 light fixture in my studio or this rad bench I made with my HGTV pals and the ladies from Spruce Upholstery over there.



Finished product in the top pic.

Take a peek at my new desk in the HGTV offices and get tips for fixing up your own workspace.


Also, if you’re interested in some serious lovey-dovey-ness, the M+R crew wrote profiles on the Makers We Love so be sure to check those out. (Link to my profile of Husband.) 


So hopefully that little round-up makes things a bit more clear. We should be back to our regularly scheduled programming now. Thanks as always for all your encouragement through comments, notes, and social media. Husband & I really love sharing our little corner of the interwebs with you!