Dress the Part: Sandy the Girl Scout

Confession: I was a Brownie for only one year in elementary school. ‘Why did she quit?’ you may be asking yourself. Because the crafts just weren’t up to par. I know you’re shocked. Even then, I had a Martha-complex. Any fool can tie-dye a t-shirt, I wanted to learn to sew the dress.

However, upon reflection, there are many things I admire about the Girl Scouts. They teach girls to be confident women. They instill entrepreneurial skills. (Who doesn’t crumble each time they’re harassed by those sweet little pigtails & uniforms selling Thin Mints?) And I’d like to believe they give girls a taste for exploration–something seriously lacking in a world of hand sanitizer and helicopter parents. So today’s little ‘Dress the Part’ is dedicated to the girl I never was: Sandy the Girl Scout. Go on an adventure. Bring a little outdoors in. Buy your own badges off Etsy.

Uniform & Accessories

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A Little Daydreaming

*This Dress the Part was inspired by a *lovely* layout (see p.90) in the Sept/Oct issue of Lonny Magazine.

It’s Fall Break and Sophie has snuck off to the North East to spend a weekend with her beloved grandmother. She’s packed an old trunk with just what she needs (a few books & a stylish outfit–the necessities!) in hopes that she might sneak some of grandma’s beloved treasures back home with her.

As with any stylish college girl, Sophie is never without good literature. On this trip, there are three books packed away in her chest:

Franny & Zooey : for American Lit, of course

the Capote classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s : to celebrate 50 years

and a little David Sedaris for a touch of comic relief!

Kate Spade Cardigan & Earrings She couldn’t resist the built-in corsage and bows. //  Pink Hunter Boots In case she needs to muck around in the pumpkin patch.

clockwise from the top:

Grandma was so sweet to give Sophie this old Avon peacock perfume bottle that has been on her vanity for ages. (You can get your own on Etsy, I’m sure.) //  These hand-painted Japanese figures from Grandma’s trip to the Far East in the 60s will look perfect atop Sophie’s mantle. (Etsy) //  Grandma taught Sophie a new stitch to practice. (She’s planning on taking a cue from Design Sponge and making her own calendar to dress-up the wall of her apartment.)  //  Sophie is never without a bottle of wine. Her current favorite? The Velvet Devil and, to top off the bottle, these Hofdame bottle stoppers from Anthropologie. //  Sophie has been lusting after this pink lamp for more years than she’d care to count. This time, it’s finding it’s way into her chest… after all, what are the odds of Grandma going into the guest room any time soon?  //  Sophie couldn’t resist sneaking a few of these wool blankets into her chest for a cold winter’s night back at school. (I saw these on Etymologie last Fall.)  //  Every girl needs a monogrammed pillow! (these little lovelies are from Jonathan Adler)

Happy Daydreaming!