Spring Blooms at Rivermont

Hello & happy Monday! If your weekend was anything like ours, you may find yourself wanting to escape to the yard for a little quiet time after work this evening. In case, like me, you don’t get that chance, here are a few pics I snapped on Saturday morning around Rivermont. We have so many things popping up and blooming! One of my very favorite things about the past few months has been discovering what Nancy planted around the yard. Apparently she had quite an affection for the space.

We saw Rivermont for the first time in the waning weeks of March last year. But, to be honest, we were both so overwhelmed by the house itself and that feeling you get when you just know something is meant to be, that it’s hard to remember any of the details about the yard. It’s been fun each season to see what’s come back to life!

Spring Blooms | Hannah & Husband

One of the 4 varieties of purple flowers I found popping up this weekend. I’m hoping that this lovely plant can replace the copious amounts of monkey grass currently acting as ground cover on our side garden. Fingers crossed!

Pink Dogwood, Spring Blooms | Hannah & Husband

Click here to see this same tree last Fall.

Spring Blooms | Hannah & Husband

The plant type is a mystery to me, but they look ever so elegant.

Hackberry Tree Bark, Spring Blooms | Hannah & Husband

The bark of the hackberry tree looks like a topographic map at close inspection.

Forsythia, Spring Blooms | Hannah & Husband

I was lamenting our lack of forsythia the day this guy popped at the corner of our lot. Score!

More Pretty Pictures to Take Your Mind Outside:

Late Summer at Rivermont

Late Fall Foraging



Dress the Part: Sandy the Girl Scout

Confession: I was a Brownie for only one year in elementary school. ‘Why did she quit?’ you may be asking yourself. Because the crafts just weren’t up to par. I know you’re shocked. Even then, I had a Martha-complex. Any fool can tie-dye a t-shirt, I wanted to learn to sew the dress.

However, upon reflection, there are many things I admire about the Girl Scouts. They teach girls to be confident women. They instill entrepreneurial skills. (Who doesn’t crumble each time they’re harassed by those sweet little pigtails & uniforms selling Thin Mints?) And I’d like to believe they give girls a taste for exploration–something seriously lacking in a world of hand sanitizer and helicopter parents. So today’s little ‘Dress the Part’ is dedicated to the girl I never was: Sandy the Girl Scout. Go on an adventure. Bring a little outdoors in. Buy your own badges off Etsy.

Uniform & Accessories

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