Hello & Happy Friday! Here are a few fun (random) links that I gathered from around the interwebs this week.

Luke Edward Hall in Lonny, March 2015

Luke Edward Hall–”the young British aesthete”–has become a hero as of late. He wrote a lovely piece for this month’s Lonny all about his favorite things, and, if you’re anything like me, you’ll fall hard and fast for his style. Check out his website where you’ll find a shop as well as his “journal,” a blog full of inspiration. He also has a few prints up on Katie Armour’s Buddy Editions that are definitely worth a look.

Luke Edward Hall on Buddy Editions

As a lifelong Disney devotee, I was thrilled when a friend sent me this fascinating video of four Disney artists perfectly exemplifying: “You do you!” (Also, The Art Spirit is now on my reading list!)

Lulu Miller, co-host of Invisibilia, spoke to Creative Mornings DC six weeks before her podcast (a favorite of mine) premiered. The topic for the morning was “chance” and her title was pretty perfect (“Catapulting Chance into your Stupid Head”) as was her talk.

John Oliver talked about U.S. Territories on Last Week Tonight and blew my mind a little bit.

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Happy Friday!


Hers & His

Hers & His 12/10/13 | Hannah & Husband



I am always the first to admit that I’m a huge Disney fangirl. At the moment, that fact is most apparent when looking at my stack of books. After all, what better way to get ready for the December 20th premiere of Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks than to reread all the Mary Poppins books? Don’t tell me I’m alone here!

Will you be reading Mary Poppins before December 21st?

If you want to read along, here’s my list…

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins Comes Back
Mary Poppins Opens the Door
Mary Poppins in the Park
Mary Poppins from A to Z
Mary Poppins in the Kitchen: A Cookery Book with a Story


Do y’all remember when Lady Gaga used to just waste her crazy on things like giant eggs and Madonna bras? Well this holiday season, she has endeared herself to me forever. Sure her Christmas special with the Muppets was weird, but America loves a girl who will live out her childhood fantasy on television wearing an inappropriately sexy outfit! And, now she’s dressing as a Christmas tree. A CHRISTMAS TREE! Check out the detail shots on PopSugar. Who else wants their own version?


The NYTimes has been putting out some really great short films lately. Last week, I was mesmerized by these star-studded, one-minute films. This week, I am swooning over Joanna Coles’ executive assistant Sergio Kletnoy. If you have ever fantasized about living in Magazine Land, you must check it out!

Hers & His 12/10/13 | Hannah & Husband



Uh, it was championship Saturday. Give me a break. And Go Spartans! (I NEVER thought I would say those words.)

Otherwise, make sure you are following @RealTimeWWII on Twitter. Follow along while they “live” tweet the war. Japan has just bombed Pearl Harbor and the United States has declared war. Whether or not you’re a history buff, it’s worth a spot in your feed.


This is one of those recordings I just keep going back to. Darryl Brenzel’s “Re-(w)rite of Spring” – a jazz rewrite of Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring”. If you know and appreciate the original, this is going to blow you away. Check it out:


Did I mention football? Has Hannah had enough football? Why don’t you ask her how much she loves football?

Hello, Gorgeous!

If you’re a new reader, “Hello, Gorgeous!” posts are a round-up of beautiful, random links that are making me smile this week. Enjoy!

I have tried very hard to reign in the fact that I am a Disney fanatic for the purposes of this blog. But this little short had me at hello, and I just couldn’t resist sharing. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the modern feminist movement and the tension that still seems to exist over ‘having it all,’ the definition of beauty, etc. etc. I’ll probably write about that at some point when my thoughts are a bit more organized.

In the meantime, I *love* the message of this video. I love how Disney is redefining & evolving a franchise so near and dear to my own heart, and helping little girls put value on things that really matter: bravery, loyalty, family, kindness… Enjoy!



This week in honor of MyPlate’s 2nd anniversary, the First Lady shared some of her favorite recipes on Pinterest! I’ve printed off a few to try and you should too!

I'd love to know who did this painting I found on Pinterest. Any ideas?

I’d love to know who did this painting I found on Pinterest. Any ideas?

:// Update on the paining above: A reader with a keen eye let me know that the above painting is actually a card from Black Olive Studio’s Hothouse collection! Isn’t that lovely? //:

Scientists in Great Britain have actually proven that a bit of bubbly really can boost your brain power. (Read all about on You’re welcome, America!

illustration by Golden Cosmos for the NYTimes Book Review

illustration by Golden Cosmos for the NYTimes Book Review 

Looking for some summer reading ideas? I really enjoyed reading “What I Read That Summer” in the New York Times Book Review last Sunday. It’s a collection of short essays by famous authors about literary memories, and it is really beautiful.

Finally, were you sucked into Arrested Development’s Season 4 on Netflix for the past couple of weeks? Check out these 2 clips…


*Happy Sunday!*



Disney + Barneys New York

I’ve got to say that when I first saw the pencil thin sketches of Minnie, Daisy, & Goofy, I could not believe Disney would do this seasonal collaboration with Barneys New York. With the emphasis on weight and vanity that already exists for young girls, I just didn’t understand how the exaggerated figures of such beloved characters could ever be a good idea. However, after watching the short, I think I was wrong. As Barneys had said in the past, it really is all about fantasy, and it doesn’t seem (to me) to be encouraging the behavior as much as showing a little daydreaming about something that already exists. We do put waif models on the runway twice a year in beautiful clothes. When you imagine yourself in their shoes, do you really see yourself as that realistic size 10 wearing Dolce & Gabbana?

What do you think? Offensive or just a little daydreaming?