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A couple weeks ago, my friend Caryn posted about her 52 Books a Year challenge on Instagram and asked if anyone would like to play along.

Her idea is simple…

My list of books to read continues to grow in exponential proportion to my list of read books. …I have the space to read, I just need the challenge to do it. 52 books a year is my challenge. I have invited friends to participate. Let me know if you want in!
[click here to read Caryn’s full post]

Needless to say, I am totally in love with this idea. However, being the slowest reader on earth, I’m going to mix it up a little bit. My plan is to intersperse my list with longer form poetry and children’s books to alleviate some of the pressure and really enjoy the process. Sometimes the coolest things to analyze are the simplest.

Do you guys remember this exercise in school?


When I was in 3rd grade, Mrs. Umberger had us copy poetry off the blackboard (yes, blackboard) every morning and respond to it aloud with the class. In AP English, this exercise was what got me hooked on The New Yorker magazine. And I believe my mom actually teaches a similar technique in her bible studies.

To me, it makes things personal. It also forces me to slow down (my brain not my speed of reading–seriously, slowest reader on earth) and really think about what I’m reading.

Like the idea of a book club?
Click here to read about starting your own.

So I’m working on my list. What would be on yours? Anything you’re dying to read or reread? Children’s? Non-fiction? I’m open to suggestions.


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2 thoughts on “52 Books a Year

  1. One of my New Year’s resolutions is that, along with a friend of mine here, is to read Moby Dick. Which I think has to count for at least 17 books.

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