Make Something Pretty with Empty Tea Tins

tea tins before

In my circle of friends, I have always been known as that girl that never throws anything away. Case in point, a good friend recently brought over these tea tins. “I hated for them to go to waste,” he said, “and I knew you’d make something out of them.” Well, they sat in my studio for a while, until one day when I just really had the itch to make something but didn’t have any particular thing in mind. Here’s what I came up with…

tea tins, mod podge, paper clippings

1.) First, I applied a layer of acrylic white paint to each tin as a primer. Then, I painted them whatever color I wanted.

2.) I gathered scraps… Right to left you’ll see: a photocopy of a black & white children’s book illustration that painted with watercolors, part of a map cut to fit the tin, and magazine clippings.

3.) Finally, I got out the matte Mod Podge. Apply this in a thin layer with a foam brush to the paper and place the paper on the tin. Allow this to dry completely before adding one more layer on top to seal it.

Display desk accessories.

Keep stationery and stamps beside the door for quick note writing.

This round lip was perfect to put a ball of yarn in for easier gift-wrapping.


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