Make My New Necklace Hanger


A couple weeks ago, Husband redid my closet (because he’s the best), and I decided that if my clothes were getting a stylish new home, my jewelry should too. So I went to Lowe’s–not quite sure what I was looking for. I ended up finding these beautiful pre-cut corbels in the aisle with the banisters and trim so I nabbed ’em!

Here are the other supplies:

  • a bit of paint & a brush
  • drill
  • screw hooks
  • set of picture hangers
  • hammer


I also got a sample of Pantone paint and applied two coats.


Next, I drilled holes for the hooks.

Note: Be sure that your drill bit is set short enough that it won’t go all the way through the wood. Husband helped me with this part, and I was pretty excited to conquer some serious fear of the drill.


Next, grab the hammer. Before you attach the picture hangers to the back, be sure you’re working on a soft surface. You don’t want to scratch up your paint job.


Then, just screw in your screw hooks, and hang it up.


If you have an old house like we do, you live in constant fear of the plaster cracking.

Here’s a little tip (again thanks to Husband): Place a piece of painter’s tape over on the spot before you start hammering in your nail. Then, just pull it off before you hang things up.


Now there’s nothing left to do but hang up your necklaces.



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