We made it! TGIF! As you get your brain into weekend mode, here are a few of my favorite things from around the web this week.

It's Me Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise | TGIF! Hannah & Husband

I am ridiculously excited about “It’s Me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise,” an upcoming documentary on HBO by Lena Dunham and Matt Wolf. Hilary Knight has long been one of my very favorite illustrators. I love his style, but I also love that each time I look at one of his illustrations, I find a new detail that adds so much charm to the story.

Jack White has finally “made it.”

Sarah Soloman is one of my favorite twitter-ers. (No, I will not use the word “tweeps.” We are not in a Lindsay Lohan movie.) This week she wrote a guide to “The 6 Different Types of Guys You’ll Date in Your 20s: Preppy Edition” for Town & Country. It is eerily accurate. For our purposes, a line about The Southern Prep

 He has a thing for Famous Grouse and Wild Turkey
in both bird and bottle form. 

President Obama and Noah McQueen on Story Corps | TGIF! Hannah & Husband

Disclaimer before we begin: I never listen to Story Corps. If I want my news in the morning with a dose of fun or touchy-feely, I’ll watch the Today Show because then it at least comes with a side of Matt, Al, & Willie. Otherwise, just tell me what’s happening in Washington and what the weather is–please and thank you. But this morning, Obama was on Story Corps with Noah McQueen, an 18 year old White House mentee that’s part of the My Brother’s Keeper program. The conversation is totally worth a listen. And (bonus) this one won’t make you cry; it will just make you really proud to be an American. (cue Lee Greenwood)

Caryn Schafer on Design Mom

Finally, if you’ve ever thought of raising a family in the city, my friend Caryn Schafer shared her story on Design Mom this week. Her insights into motherhood are honest and beautiful. Plus, you’ll find yourself wondering how many books she really does own.

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