Party Photo Booth DIY

Party Photo Booth DIY | Hannah & Husband Looking for a cool way to document your New Year’s shindig? Let me suggest setting up your own photo booth. We set one up in my office for our Cocktails & Carols party, and it served as a living guest book. We captured some really fun moments, and (BONUS) it was a great alternative to people walking around with their phones all night taking selfies. Plus, it was super easy to set up! Here’s what we did. Party Photo Booth DIY | Hannah & Husband

On one wall of my office, we hung fabric and tinsel with push pins from the top of the window molding so we wouldn’t have to patch any holes in the wall. Then, we put a bench in front of that big enough for 2-3 people.
Opposite the fabric, we set up our camera on the self-timer setting with instructions hanging in front of it.
Party Photo Booth DIY | Hannah & Husband

The party was “black tie or festive,” which gave Cindy an excuse to pull out the family jewels.
Note to self: we should all find more reasons to wear tiaras.

Finally, we added a table full of props. I would say glittery things and mustaches are musts. Bonus points for fab headwear!
Party Photo Booth DIY | Hannah & Husband

Recognize these lovelies? Deanne blogs for Made + Remade, and Liz is an online editor for HGTV!

Party Photo Booth DIY | Hannah & Husband

Kayla is the cutest–always!

So now I’m on the lookout for more ideas.
How do you document your parties? Any fun ideas?


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