L’Wren Scott Hair and an Open Letter to Oprah

While Spring styles are debuting in NYC for Fashion Week, let’s take a look at your Fall wardrobe.

L'Wren Scott Hair | an open letter to Oprah

Oprah donning some *gorgeous* hair on the cover of September’s O Magazine.

Dear Oprah,

White girls LOVE you.

So much, in fact, that we will literally fry & dye our own hair to be more like you. Yes, I know. You’d have thought the 1980s taught us something, but no. You’re like that cool girl in high school that we can’t get up the courage to talk to. But Oprah, we still want to be your BFF.

In the 80’s my mama called this “Big LA Bar Hair.” Today, I’m calling it “Afro de Oprah.” But white girls take heed: perm & tease too much and there will be nothing left to style come Spring.


Hannah B.


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