The Green Acres Complex

The Green Acres Complex | Hannah & Husband

Husband & I have long had what I like to call our “Green Acres Complex.” Husband mows the lawn in what most people consider church clothes. And if I could spend my mornings in silk gowns while my chicken laid eggs-to-order in a china bowl, I most definitely would. Click here to check out my Style File on Lisa Douglas.

So it should come as no surprise to you that each year our garden has expanded. This year we’re growing several things we never have before–broccoli, greens, cucumbers–alongside old favorites like okra, zucchini, and numerous herbs, tomatoes, and peppers.

The Green Acres Complex | Hannah & Husband


It’s Husband’s Garden because he is most definitely doing the laborious work with this one as he continues the job hunt. I am so excited that our little garden keeps expanding.

The Green Acres Complex | Hannah & HusbandThe Green Acres Complex | Hannah & Husband


Last year we were members of a CSA, which stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” The way it works is you buy into a farm and then get a basket of food every week from them. (If you’re in East Tennessee, we used Mountain Meadows Farm last year and loved them!) But this year, with our life a little more in flux, we decided we’d grow as much as we could ourselves and then just supplement the rest with goods from local farmers.

There’s something about Spring that seems to make everyone I know get a green thumb, but I wonder if it’s just because we live in a small town in Tennessee. Does it work that way in the big city? Is it even possible to eat local in a big city like NYC that is more pavement than garden? If you have any experience with the matter, I’d love to here about it!




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