Style File: Lisa Douglas

Lisa Douglas | Green Acres: Style File #SecretsofaBelle

I am a lifelong fan of Green Acres. I know; you’re shocked! Small town. Big City. Great accents. (Come on, you know you love her accent too, dahling!) So tonight, if you are in need of a little inspiration (to fix up the house or to buy a new outfit), I’m sharing a few lessons I’ve learned over the years from Mrs. Oliver Wendell Douglas.

Your home is your castle.  |  Green Acres: Style File #SecretsofaBelle

1.) Your home is your castle. Wallpaper… art… a leopard print sofa… anything to make it yours!

Have a signature dish.  |  Green Acres: Style File #SecretsofaBelle

2.) Have a signature dish.

Dress properly for housework.  |  Green Acres: Style File #SecretsofaBelle

3.) When working around the house, be sure to wear the proper attire. Lace muumuus and pale pink gloves make any job seem glamorous!

Embrace modern conveniences.  |  Green Acres: Style File #SecretsofaBelle

4.) Don’t be scared to embrace modern conveniences… be it an electric coffee pot or a Grabwell Washer.

Keep the romance alive, dahling!  |  Green Acres: Style File #SecretsofaBelle

5.) Finally, keep the romance alive, Dahling!


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