Evolution of a Home Pt. 4

Otherwise titled…

And Then, Hannah Went Over to the Dark Side

So eventually, as will inevitably happen once the chaos of college is over, we found our own style and no longer found the look to be ‘Us.’ Totally normal… Although, I may not be the best person to judge: my mother used to wallpaper and rearrange furniture on nights she couldn’t sleep. (As a result, she’s also had more stubbed toes than anyone cares to count.)

Anyway, the one room that we really hadn’t touched in the house was the downstairs bathroom–quite the “novelty” when it was added in the 50s I’d learned from the Lord girls. Nevertheless, there was quilted country gingham wallpaper and a big popcorn ceiling that just had to go. So over the course of a few days, Husband ripped down the ceiling and took up the floor.

Then, six months later, he replaced it.

Evolution of a Home Pt. 4 | Hannah & Husband

And I completely fell in love with the floor. Isn’t it fantastic?! So here’s the thing about small spaces. Some people tell you to make everything light and airy to open things up. I say…

If you live in a small house–make bold moves.

Evolution of a Home Pt. 4 | Hannah & Husband

The print was from a letterpress shop that used to be in Knoxville called Yee-Haw Industries.

I loved that floor so much. So I thought, let’s go with it! The beadboard in room was in great shape so Husband just added a little top trim, a coat of white paint, and then I picked the paint color: Black. That last part was met with more than a little trepidation. Black walls? We all love The Addams Family, but are we really those people? This from the boy who used to love houses decorated with different shades of beige–eeshk. But, second piece of unsolicited advice…

If you’re going to try something that scares you, try it in a space that’s small enough to fix quickly.

So he went with it, loved it immediately, and we’ve never looked back!

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