Valentine’s Day

We do celebration a little different in our home. Hannah’s birthday is more like birth-month, Christmas practically starts in July, and Fall itself is the biggest holiday of all. Valentine’s Day, however, we celebrate in a little different way. What started one year in response to a tight budget has become a favorite for us every year. Here’s what we do:

All month long:

Valentine's Day - Hannah and Husband

Hannah made these little envelopes. Every February we put them out in the foyer, and all month long we write little notes to each other. A kind word can be so much more valuable than any other gift.

On Valentine’s Day:

Rather than paying for an overpriced Valentine’s Day menu at a restaurant, we cook a favorite meal at home. We take special nights out regularly, no need to overpay just because of the calendar.

As for gifts, we go to the dollar store together and each spend $5 on each other. It gives us the chance to buy each other thoughtful, yet inexpensive, gifts.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you go all out, or do you keep it simple like us?


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