The Thanksgiving Game Plan: 7 Days Out

Thanksgiving 7 Days Out Gather

Alright ladies, we are 7 days out from the big day. If you’re hosting for the festivities yourself and wondering what you should be doing this evening to help you get ready, I’m here to set your mind at ease. You should be Pinteresting, of course!

7 days out from any holiday party, I like to gather. Gather some visual inspiration on Pinterest, gather some new recipes, gather supplies (table linens, candles, etc.), and then, I make a ToDo List. It looks something like this…


  • Finalize menu.


  • Wash & iron table linens.
  • Gather, polish, & wash all dishes, flatware, stemware, and serving pieces.
  • Stock the wine rack & liquor cabinet.
  • Put together a stain remover kit.
  • Make place cards.


  • Grocery Shop. (best done LATE at night to avoid crowds)
  • Restock tea light & unscented candle supply.


  • Buy flowers.


  • Make a playlist.
  • Set the table.
  • Prepare the desserts.
  • Chop the veggies.

¬†As you might assume, tomorrow we’ll talk recipes. Until then, here’s a little bonus…
Click here to see The Belle’s Thanksgiving Pinboard!

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