Thanksgiving Snapshots

Turkey in the Straw | Hannah & Husband

Our Turkey in the Straw is finally done! Click here for instructions on how to make him yourself.

Hello! Hello! How was your Thanksgiving? Our holiday weekend was filled with friends, family, and So. Much. Food. (Everyone says that, don’t they?) We host Turkey Day at our house every year, and I have to say that this year the highlight for me was this pie crust–the first one I’ve made myself in about 9 years. Why did I ever stop?

Other highlights documented below from the day of the feast include…



And, of course, it wouldn’t be a Hannah & Husband weekend without a little time in the mountains, right?



What was the highlight of your weekend?
Did you travel or cook a homemade feast for the family?


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One thought on “Thanksgiving Snapshots

  1. We traveled, as you know, and the highlight was the late night conversations with the in-laws I most enjoy. During the welcome party for Aurora the men were told to make scarce so we headed to an amazing Pittsburgh steak house and just hung out out. We also made time for my favorite Pittsburgh eats by making it to both Primanti Brothers and Pamela’s.

    The low-light was that Dave and Andy’s (best ice cream in Pittsburgh) closed for the holiday weekend, and not making it to the Pen Mac company in the Strip District.

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