Happy Friday! You’ve made it to the weekend! Here are some (really random) TGIF! links to kick things off on the right foot.


A couple weekends ago, we discovered that ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentaries are streaming on Netflix. You can imagine how enthused a non-sports girl like myself was about watching any of these, but I seriously dug them. Sports fan or not, if you love stories, you’ll dig these documentaries. I really enjoyed “Of Miracles and Men” because I’ve heard the story of that Olympic team from my dad for years. We also watched “Bernie and Ernie” who got their start here at UT in the 70s.

While we’re on sports (seriously, I don’t know who I am anymore): Dick Butkus wants you to check out the NFL’s new Pinterest boards. Totally a real thing.

The answer to why French women don’t contour is pretty fantastic.

Contouring is not our thing because the main beauty philosophy in France is to accept who you are.


Randi Brookman Harris is a professional hero of mine. She’s a prop stylist residing in NYC who’s done work for companies ranging from Warby Parker to the New York Times. Today, Ivanka Trump profiled Randi for her #WomenWhoWork series. Consequently, the whole series is worth checking out.


I was on a panel recently to talk about hand illustration in a digital world, a topic I should really riff on at another time. One of the coolest applications of technology to hand illustration that I mentioned is the way illustrators are sharing their work and giving it a larger voice. One such artist that I saw this week is Molly Crabapple. She’s an NYC-based artist who has been doing some amazing mural work in a building in Turkey that houses the Zeitouna program. Zeitouna is a creative therapy and physical wellness program works with Syrian refugee children–amazing! Read more here. 

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