Curing Cabin Fever: Unplug

Sometimes the best way to address the winter blues is to unplug and spend a little quality time off-grid. Hannah and I are lucky enough to have a very generous aunt and uncle who allow us to use their adorable little cabin, but we’ve had weekends just like this in our own home. There’s no need for a special place, just self-control.

Hannah & Husband - Unplugged

Sunset at the cabin

Idea #2: Unplug

The cabin is about an hour away from our house and about 30 minutes away from cell service. Family has the phone number to the cabin’s landline, but otherwise nobody can get in touch with us. There is a DVD player and a television that doesn’t receive any channels. There’s a radio we’ve only used once. The moment we get there we start a fire, open a bottle of wine, and start reading.┬áHeaven.

How do you unplug?