Snapshot of a Weekend

Gathering Recipes from Southern Living this weekend.

{picture from my instagram feed}

The weekend was absolutely lovely! The weather down South is finally warming up a bit. We spent hours in the sunshine playing games along the river bank and eating absolutely offensive amounts of amazing food! And, as happens every year around this time, I’ve come home with a pile of recipes. There’s just something about sunshine that makes me want to open the windows, let sunshine stream in the kitchen, and try some new recipes. One in particular that I’ve got my eye on is this Strawberries and Cream  Cake from the latest Southern Living. FYI: I’ll also be sharing a couple new recipes here on the blog later this week!

What about you?
Any new recipes your longing to try?
Anything I should add to my list?

Snapshots from the Weekend

Weekend Reading: Oddfellows Orphanage by Emily Winfield Martin


Breakfast for a Belle


You + Me

This weekend was quite divine. Highlights included reading Emily Winfield Martin’s *lovely* Oddfellow’s Orphanage (more on that later), Saturday morning breakfast from East Tennessee’s infamous Donut Palace, and a lot of time with family & my honey.

Weekend Snapshot

Weekend Snapshot | Secrets of a Belle

We ran around all weekend & had an absolute ball. Now, I am happy to report, my feet are up, the Oscars are on, and my nails will be done before this thing is over. How was your weekend?

Snapshots from Saturday

Yesterday, the Slaughter family took a quick road trip to the mountains to relax, read, and shoot our Valentine’s Day card.

Snapshots from Saturday | Secrets of a Belle

Fashion Week? Blizzard Nemo? I’ll take a little mountaining over those any day!
Hope your weekend was equally as delightful!

P.S. I joined Vine. Have you played with the app at all?