Full Moon

Anniversary 2009, detail | Full Moon on  Hannah & Husband

A detail from “Anniversary”

Are you leery of the full moon? I never was until I worked in a preschool for a year. I swear, you can tell the phases of the moon just by watching the level of crazy in those little boogers’ eyes. (You know what I’m talking about. This trait is not limited to children.)

Anyway, last night I was feeling a little crazy myself and looked up to see the waxing crescent. The full moon will be here on Thursday. It made me think of this painting I did several years ago while dreaming of wintry nights and the full moon. It made me smile. 

Anniversary 2009 | Full Moon on  Hannah & Husband

“Anniversary” a painting I did for Husband in 2009

 So tell me, do you believe in the power of the full moon? Husband thinks it’s a bunch of hokum, but I can’t help thinking there’s something to it.