Summer in the South

While the summer solstice has yet to grace us, Summer in the South has officially begun!


The beginning of summer in the south is welcomed by white dresses and seersucker.

Days are spent seaside, creekside, or lakeside.

The last few evenings on the screened porch that will be accompanied by a cool breeze are cherished.

Farmers Markets celebrate the arrival of strawberry season and green tomatoes.

Sweet tea  & lemonade are sipped by the gallon and often spiked with something stronger.

I adore this time of year and, as we mapped out our summer plans this weekend, it started to feel a little more real. This summer has A LOT in store for us, and we’re excited to share our changes, travels, and projects with you!

Is it starting feel like summer where you are?

What signifies the kick-off of the season for you?


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