Springtime is soooo here!


Springtime is the season of rebirth, new projects, and, naturally, a little chaos. Springtime is soooo here! We are in the middle of launching a new project at work, Husband and I are working hard on a new project that we’ll share on the blog this summer, and I’m so tired of being indoors, I could burst. So today, I thought I would share some of the bookmarks that have been building up since I skipped the TGIF! post last week. So… here are some fun things from around the interwebs to distract you from the Wednesday slump. Enjoy!

Friday's AIGA benefit with art from Knoxville area kids, Beth Meadows, and Will Gay | Hannah & Husband

The art across the top is by local children, bottom left: Beth Meadows, bottom right: Will Gay


It is only appropriate that after a week of encouraging you to buy art, we bought some on Friday! Our local chapter of the AIGA held a benefit to support local school art programs and had a silent auction for art that the kids had made as well as other (grown-up) artists. We bought the piece above by Will Gay. I’ve admired his work for awhile. Will is Creative Director at Disney’s Yellow Shoes, and this particular print is from the 2012 Festival of Masters at Downtown Disney.

Dr. Loretta Jackson-Hayes, professor of chemistry at Rhodes College, wrote an article for The Washington Post called We don’t need more STEM majors. We need more STEM majors with liberal arts training. It is fantastic!

In January, Iris Apfel discussed her work with Deborah Needleman. With all the buzz about her new documentary (and Albert Maysles’ last), I thought it was worth posting.

Spring Spread | Hannah & Husband


Springtime is the season for southern spreads! I whipped up some hummus and pimento cheese last weekend. We are hooked on these crackers, and I swear by Rebecca Gordon’s Pimento Cheese recipe.

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