Runway to Room: Warming Up

Ever since the runway shows this Spring, I have been dying to wrap myself in a fur coat and ride by train through Russia with a vintage Louis Vuitton trunk and lots of burgundy lipstick. But travel budgets being what they are, today I thought I’d look at a few ways to bring these opulent Fall looks into our homes. Feeling like you’re there is almost as good, right? Here’s what I came up with…

Inspired by:

Louis Vuitton and Gucci’s Fall ’12 RTW presentations and, of course, the burgundy lipstick that everyone seems to be falling for lately.

*As a side note, I discovered on allure’s website and is called “Belle Etoile.” Needless to say, while I am still not convinced that burgundy lipstick is ever appropriate on a pale-skinned gal like myself, I found this to be the most appropriate choice.

The Room:

Couch / Faux Mink Pillows / Alpaca Knit Throw from Restoration Hardware

Art by Luli Sanchez

Bronze Chandelier from Lowe’s

Cadiz Rug from West Elm

Mercury Glass Bowl from Pottery Barn



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2 thoughts on “Runway to Room: Warming Up

  1. Our living room has a similar pallet, but the walls are a horrid light green. We painted test spot on the wall about three years ago, and we finally painted over them this spring because we couldn’t make a decision. 😛 I’ve thought about a deep burgundy, but I’m afraid it will make the room too dark. Any ideas?

    • A friend actually told me just the other day that I need to do a post on the right way to use dark colors in your home because we have a fabulous black living room. It’s a trick to pull off. I’ll work on that for next week some time. A couple of things…

      1.) When we first got married, we had a disastrous burgundy dining room experience. The main thing I learned is that when you are using ANY paint with a red undertone, you need to use a special primer that has a pink additive. You can ask about it at the paint counter, but it will help everything go on more evenly. Also, don’t buy the cheap stuff. To get the right shade of red for the next several years, it’s worth a few extra dollars for quality paint to make sure everything is even.

      2.) I’d love to see pics of the room if you want some help picking out a new color. If you’re scared of the burgundy, perhaps a neutral would be better? We should talk! This happens to be one of my favorite activites 🙂

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