It’s Like Having a Brand New House!

We moved into our house 6 years ago, and I’m pretty sure it has needed a paint job for at least 15. In the sun, it had faded to a pretty funky ombre… and, trust me, ombre is not nearly as stylish on a house as it is on your hair. So several weeks ago we were finally able to get it painted, and now it feels like an entirely new house. What do you think?

Please note the 2 small pumpkins on the front steps… I found them growing in our backyard!

We also made some seriously fab upgrades to the front porch including new screen, new fixtures, some upgrades to the furniture, new cushions, and a great table & chairs Husband thrifted at a local yard sale.  We’ve been spending so much time out there, it’s like adding a new room to our home! There’s nothing better than sipping a bourbon and hearing jazz drift through open windows out onto the porch. A few of the details…

Tomorrow I’ll share how we picked the paint palette and the fabric. What about you? Any last minute upgrades you’re making to the outside of your house before hunkering down for winter?

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7 thoughts on “It’s Like Having a Brand New House!

  1. It’s lovely, Hannah Beth!!! You both gave it such a great touch!!! It will be fun to sit on this enclosed porch with you some day!!! I Love You, Niece!!!
    Aunt Van

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