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For January’s book club, I’ve been reading David Sedaris’ latest: “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls.” I really love satire and also prefer reading non-fiction so I adore his writing. However, from what I’ve heard, this has been pretty controversial read among the ladies so tomorrow night’s meeting should be pretty entertaining.


The series of events that led me to this one are better suited for a longer post(s). But recently I was excited to come across the audio for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1941 State of the Union. It was the speech that laid out the famous “Four Freedoms” less than a year before America joined the Allies in World War II…

Freedom of  Speech
Freedom of Worship

Freedom from Want
Freedom from Fear

This speech/policy not only inspired the famous quartet of Norman Rockwell paintings but also seems to have shaped America’s foreign policy from here on out. All that to say, this one speech has led me down a bit of a rabbit hole that has been so much fun! Does that ever happen to you? One nerdy thing leads to another and suddenly you find yourself researching a period in history you don’t know enough about?


I have this theory that Netflix is both the best and worst thing ever. In the seven years since we became subscribers, we’ve obsessively watched and subsequently fallen in love with Frasier, Parks & Recreation, The West Wing, and (most recently) Psych. After 2 weeks of binge watching, I have a new favorite show.

His| Hannah & Husband



We stay up way too late, way too often. I blame most of this on Craig Ferguson. The Late Late Show is like PeeWee’s Playhouse for people that grew up with PeeWee’s Playhouse. The normally silly Craig can also get serious, like when he eulogized his father or interviewed Desmond Tutu. All of this watching led me to his autobiography. Introspective, honest, and always funny–this is a story about overcoming addiction, but it also seems to me to be a man learning to be at peace with who he was and learning how that shapes who he is.


I’ve had the opportunity to spend some more time playing piano recently (as positive a spin as I can put on this job search), so I’ve been listening to Rachmaninoff like this. Aggression, much?


Our Sunday was a fun day of relaxing after a rather overindulgent Saturday. We did decide to open a bottle of wine as we re-watched Bottle Shock–a fun movie worth the time from Netflix. Mostly because, well, hooray wine.

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  1. I love these posts. Might I recommend watching Somme on Netflix. It’s a documentary about becoming a Sommelier and it’s fascinating.

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