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Inauguration Day is like the Oscars for political junkies. We all sit around wondering who Michelle will wear, what Chuck will say in his toast, how the musicians will perform in the cold, and, perhaps most important, what political touch points will the president hit in his speech? Obviously this morning did not disappoint, so I thought it only appropriate to carry the inaugural theme through in today’s ‘links to start your week’ post. So here goes…


Feeling less than patriotic? Well, in the words of my mother, “If this doesn’t give you goosebumps, check your pulse.”


I thought the inaugural address was a powerful, new declaration to America’s citizens, and this was the quote that touched my heart the most.

"... for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well." -President Barack Hussein Obama II, 2013 Inaugural Address  |  Secrets of a Belle

Want to read the whole thing? There’s a transcript on several sites, including this one on The New York Times.

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November’s election in particular made me think a lot about my own role. I have a tendency to over analyze and be pretty cynical, but over the last little bit, I’ve realized it does no good to complain about taxes/politics/education/agriculture when I’m doing nothing to personally make a difference. So this week I challenge you to READ MORE. Read the paper. Read a history book. (Might I suggest this one?¬†or perhaps this one to tickle your funny bone?) Listen to NPR. Watch the news. And then find ways to have meaningful, informed discussions.

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