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Last night, we threw a little viewing party to celebrate the U.S. premiere of the 3rd season of PBS’s Downton Abbey. We mixed cocktails, pulled out the china, and invited some of our very dear friends over for the evening. The dress was black tie–although I went all Lady Sybil and work my blue tux because my best dress was out to the cleaners. Anyway, I was still in a Downton mood today and thought it only appropriate to make today’s links themed… Enjoy!


Michelle Dockery by artist David Downton | Vanity Fair via Secrets of a Belle

I am mesmerized by these illustrations of Michelle Dockery (the actress who plays Lady Mary) by artist David Downton. This one was my favorite, but there’s another of Dockery donning that striped Oscar de la Renta number we were all so obsessed with several months ago. You can check out all of his sketches of Dockery on Vanity Fair’s website. 


It is worth remembering that before he was the all powerful Lord Grantham, Hugh Bonneville was just a really terrible finance guy in a rugby shirt–who palled around with Hugh Grant!

Before he was Lord Grantham, he was a chap in a rugby shirt who palled around with Hugh Grant.

If you haven’t seen Notting Hill in a while but have found yourself longing to hear more British accents thanks to PBS, I’d highly suggest another viewing. It will be… “surreal, but nice.”


No one delivers a line like Maggie Smith. No one. So I was especially excited when US Magazine gathered their picks for her top ‘zingers’ from last night’s episode. My favorite? Speaking to Lord Grantham who is wearing a tuxedo instead of the usual formal dinner dress: “Oh, I’m so sorry. I thought you were a waiter.”

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  1. That was the only time I cackled out loud was when Maggie Smith said that. Personally, I would’ve liked to have seen a lot less Bates and a lot more wedding. I felt robbed at how little wedding was shown.

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