Hello, Gorgeous!

Good morning & *HAPPY* Monday! After last week’s holiday madness, here are a few random links to help you start your week off smiling.

Hello Gorgeous Grace Coddington Breakfast at Tiffany's


On Sunday, Husband, bestie, and I will be going to see Grace Coddington at the Frist in Nashville. In case you haven’t heard (or have been living under a rock), the Vogue creative genius has just release a memoir with Random House. Needless to say, I was particularly excited when I heard Grace’s lovely British accent speaking with Terry Gross this week on NPR’s Fresh Air. (& thoroughly entertained by how polite she remained despite some rather ill-informed questions) You can click here to hear the entire interview.


Did you know Breakfast at Tiffany’s was 1st published in Esquire’s November, 1958 issue? (After being rejected by Harper’s Bazaar, might I add.) Whether you watch the movie, read the novella, or read this book about the making of the film
(which I found fascinating!), spend a little time with Capote’s geisha this week.


I’m just an old romantic (and a Cosby Show¬†addict), but I just had to share this video. I had no idea Mama Huxtable had been proposed to on national television on Thanksgiving Day. Isn’t that sweet?

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